White House senior advisor Ivanka Trump is clearing up any misconceptions about her role in her father, Donald's, administration

Ivanka Trump continues to insist it’s not her job to be the voice of moderation for her father, President Donald Trump in her role of first daughter and senior White House adviser.

“Well I think that my role, and anyone who works for the President of the United States, their role is to inform, advise and then ultimately execute,” the 35-year-old fashion designer said on The Dr. Oz show in an interview set to air Thursday.

“So, I’m not a decision maker. I have my views and I share them candidly and as a daughter I have the latitude to do that.”

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She added: “Where I disagree with the agenda, I will share it with him quietly. I don’t view it as my obligation to moderate. And I don’t think anyone working for a sitting president should see themselves in that capacity.”

Trump’s role in her father’s White House has raised eyebrows, with many questioning whether her appointment violated nepotism laws — her husband, Jared Kushner, also snagged a top job with the administration.

“I also respect the process and my father is now president and the American people elected him based on his agenda and my job isn’t to undermine that agenda,” Trump continues. “It’s to embrace the areas where there’s commonality and there are so many areas.”


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Along with the controversy surrounding Trump’s appointment, Donald’s presidency has been marred by scandal, firings, misconduct, low approval ratings and more.

Still, the mother of three, says during the interview that her goal within the administration is to fuel “the growth of women entrepreneurs.”

“I feel privileged that he’s given me the platform to push areas and push issues that are aligned with his agenda,” Trump adds.

The full interview airs Thursday on The Dr. Oz show.