Ivanka Trump stood up for her father Donald in a pre-taped interview with Good Morning America

Ivanka Trump is defending her father Donald Trump from claims that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is anti-semetic.

In a pre-taped interview with Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer that aired on Tuesday, the 34-year-old dismissed the accusations, which arose after her 70-year-old father tweeted and deleted an image of Hillary Clinton calling the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee the “most corrupt candidate ever” in a graphic many believed resembled the Star of David.

“He clearly did not think that was the Star of David,” she told Spencer. “I think it should have been taken at face value. That was clearly not the intention.”

Ivanka, who converted to Judiasm before marrying husband Jared Kushner, went on to say that her father has been a longtime supporter of the Jewish community.

My father’s track record of supporting and advocating for Jewish people and for Israel is unimpeachable,” she said. “Whether it being the grand marshall of the Israel Day Parade when it was not advantageous to do so to the support he has offered my husband, myself and our family as a young Jewish couple.”

“I know my father and I know his intent. I think that was really rather ridiculous,” she added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ivanka spoke about her father’s outspoken social media habits – which he used to defend himself against the Star of David controversy.

“The only filter is himself,” she explained. “He’s able to communicate exactly what he wants to say. It has gotten him into trouble occasionally. But I think, much more powerful is the fact that he speaks from the brain, he speaks from the heart.”

“He’s the messenger of the people – he’s the people’s candidate,” she said.

And as for the threats of violence that appear to be rampant in recent weeks? “We live in scary times,” she said. “I worry about the safety of my father but I worry about the safety of every American, including my children and myself, my family.”

Ivanka also refuted the “flawed perception” that her father doesn’t value women, saying that Donald “has empowered women – even me – his whole life.”

“People talk and talk about gender, but do they actually live it?” she asked. “My father has. He believes in equality amongst the genders – economically, politically and socially.”

“I don’t know that people appreciate his tremendous empathy and his warmth, but they should,” she added. “This country needs a president who’s able to dream big. And my father will be able to do that in a very big and a very real way.”

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But it was when reflecting on Clinton’s recent attack ads against her father – which portray him as a poor role model for children – that the mother of three appeared the most defensive.

“I wouldn’t have my children listening to those ads,” she said. “The negative ads – especially those and almost all of them – are a complete manipulation of his words and packaged for maximum impact.”

“Despite what anyone may say, including the opposition, I know the man and so do my children.”