Hunter had been ordered to appear in court in Arkansas to defend himself from a motion seeking to hold him in contempt

Days before he was set to appear in court in Arkansas to defend himself in a paternity case, former Vice President Joe Biden‘s son Hunter Biden reached a settlement with a woman there who had sued him over the child they had together in 2018.

A court order on Monday shows that Hunter, 49, agreed to pay Lunden Roberts an undisclosed amount in child support, including retroactive payments going back to November 2018, when her attorney said he stopped giving her money.

Roberts’ original suit, filed in May, stated that she and Hunter had been in a relationship and had a child in August.

According to one of the motions filed on Roberts’ behalf in November, Hunter had “refus[ed] to continue to support his child.” In an earlier motion in the case, Roberts’ attorneys said Hunter had actually admitted he was the father of her child — suggesting Roberts appealed to the court only when Hunter’s support ran dry.

Roberts’ attorneys further said that Hunter was a “stranger” to his baby and that, as of December, he had “provided no support for this child for over a year.”

Last summer, Hunter said he was “without sufficient information” to agree to or deny Roberts’ initial allegations and so he denied them all, including paternity.

But a DNA test last fall confirmed he was the father.

Still, Hunter resisted Roberts’ case — the two sides disagree on why, whether out of stubbornness or caution because of the scrutiny he faced from the conservative media.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden
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Earlier this month, a judge ordered Hunter to appear in person in Independence County, where Roberts was suing him, to respond to two contempt motions she filed against him because, she said, he was not making all of his necessary personal and financial information available. (He denied this.)

He had been scheduled to appear in court in Arkansas on Wednesday, but the court order from Monday states that with the child support settlement, the pending issues in the case have now been continued until March.

Hunter is still required to participate in discovery and provide required information to establish a final, court-approved level of child support.

Monday’s court order also states that Hunter agreed to pay Roberts’ attorney fees.

“My client wants this thing resolved,” Roberts’ attorney Clint Lancaster told PEOPLE earlier this month.

He said Roberts, who is in her twenties, is a “very, very private person.”

“She doesn’t want to be in the media,” Lancaster said. “She doesn’t want paparazzi hanging out at her dad’s place of business hoping to get a shot of her.”