This Is How Much It Would Cost to Paint the White House (And More Crazy Facts)

And More Crazy Facts!

Keeping the White House up to par costs a pretty penny!

The approximately 55,000-square-foot home to the president has to be in tip-top shape, and that includes its white exterior. So, just how much would it cost to give the historic home a fresh coat of paint?

Simply freshening up the exterior would cost more than $20,000 — and that’s just for the 570 gallons of paint alone.

That number pales in comparison to roughly $1.6 million it takes for yearly maintenance and repairs.

The White House and grounds are technically a national park — President’s Park — that boasts 18 acres within its fence. The grounds feature lush green grass and trees.

Inside the home is even more extravagant, with 132 rooms, three kitchens and 35 bathrooms.

Although the home is not for sale, the massive house is currently valued at $398,705, 319.

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