Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and more all enjoyed some Halloween fun this week

By Greta Bjornson
November 02, 2019 01:40 PM
Credit: Getty (5)

Even politicians aren’t too busy to celebrate Halloween.

While the 2020 presidential candidates have spent the past months on the campaign trail, many of them highlighted their playful — and spooky — sides in honor of the holiday.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump passed out candy to a line of young trick-of-treaters, including a child dressed in a Minion costume, which turned into a viral moment.

In videos from the event, the president and first lady placed candy bars on top of the child’s costume, watching as they slid off when the child turned to walk away.

Here’s how some other 2020 hopefuls celebrated the night.

Kamala Harris

Making a sly reference to another Democrat fighting for the party’s nomination, one of California Sen. Kamala Harris‘ staffers dressed up as a Cory Booker while celebrating Halloween at campaign headquarters.

Harris’ staffer used her costume to playfully poke fun at Booker, exaggerating his bald head and wearing a name tag with the phrase, “Hi, I’m VEGAN,” a reference to the presidential hopeful’s diet — he’s been plant-based since 2014.

“So nice of you to stop by,” joked Harris, 55, while sharing the photo on her Twitter account.

Lily Adams, communications director for Harris, joined in on the joke, too. “Hey @ASDem, you missing a candidate? I love Halloween,” she tweeted.

Pete Buttigieg

For Pete Buttigieg, 37, Halloween provided him with an opportunity to dress as his unlikely doppelgänger: Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

In one photo of his hilarious costume, the major of South Bend, Indiana, wore a jacket and a Celtics hat as he pretended to show his staffers a mock game plan, while in another, he stood in front of campaign posters like a coach on the sidelines, arms crossed and assessing the team.

Buttigieg’s Halloween outfit made its way to Stevens himself, who turned the tables and dressed as the mayor.

His wife Tracy posted the photo of Stevens in a blue tie and shirt, candy in hand. In the caption, she made a shout out Buttigieg, writing, “Game on.”

Andrew Yang

Former tech executive Andrew Yang, 44, posed with his family, wife Evelyn and his two sons, to show off their costumes on Halloween night.

While according to Yang, someone thought he was “Daddy Shark,” he appeared to be dressed as Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His sons also dressed as characters from the show, completing their looks with masks and plastic swords.

“I am definitely the least compelling of the crew,” he wrote.

Looking back on some other costumes from past years, Yang also posted a slideshow of throwback costumes, including one where he went all out in eyeliner and black nail polish.

In a sweet nod to his wife, he also included a photo taken during one of her pregnancies, where she dressed as a basketball hoop.

Elizabeth Warren

Although Sen. Elizabeth Warren didn’t share a picture of her Halloween costume, she did show us how her dog, Bailey, got in the spooky spirit.

The presidential hopeful tweeted a video of her golden retriever all decked out for Halloween as a “Two Cents” dog in reference to her tax plan, which she claimed would ask only “two cents” of the rich, according to the Washington Post.

“Turn around bud,” Warren, 70, can be heard saying in the video, as she encourages her smiling pet to show off his costume. “That’s my boy, oh he’s so good. He’s my two cents dog.”

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 76, also kept his Halloween costume a mystery, instead posting a throwback family photo.

Biden wished his followers “few tricks and plenty of treats” in the caption to the photo, which showed his sons and daughter on Halloween night as children.

Julián Castro

Johnny Lawrence or Julián Castro?

This Halloween, the democratic candidate, 45, dressed as a character from the classic film Karate Kidand showed off some of his best moves.

“A beautiful witch, a zombie ballerina, Johnny from Cobra Kai and enough candy to keep Spider-man climbing the walls,” he captioned a family photo.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton even got in on the Halloween fun with a Daily Show video, telling the scary story of her 2016 election loss. In the clip, Clinton, 72, tells a horrified Trevor Noah and crew the tale of how Trump won the presidency through the electoral college.

“They counted all the votes. And even though she got three million more, the orange man still got into the house,” she says in the clip.

Her terrified listeners all scream as she mentions the electoral college while Clinton gives her best evil laugh.