WATCH: Who Knew Hillary Clinton's Bestselling Books Could Inspire a Toe-Tapping Music Video?

Clinton's hometown bookstore celebrated her new books in a unique way

Hillary Clinton‘s hometown has a lot of pride in their best-known resident.

Following the release of Clinton’s two new books, her campaign memoir, What Happened and her children’s book, It Takes a Village, Scattered Books, an independent bookstore in Chappaqua, New York (the town where Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have their primary home, and where she was spotted hiking in the weeks after the election) released a music video celebrating the books’ debut.

With Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” — one tune that became synonymous with Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign — playing in the background, a group of teenagers and a group of younger children dance across the store with copies of Clinton’s two books in hand.

Laura Scott Schaefer, the owner of Scattered Books, said the 50-second video took about three days to conceptualize, plan, shoot and produce. They decided to work on the project after the overwhelming interest in Clinton’s books at the store.

“So many people were so excited about the books, so moved and motivated by the books that they wanted to bring that to life in kind of an eclectic way,” Scott Schaefer told PEOPLE. “Everyone knew the books, everyone felt really strongly about the issues, and it just immediately took shape. The video just made itself, in a way.”

Scott Schaefer enlisted her own daughter, Livie Scott (who is featured in the video), to ask her fellow dancers at her dance studio, the nearby Artistry Dance Project to participate. Several wanted to join in, and they quickly started worked on choreography. A video producer stepped in to handle the technical aspects, too. They also reached out to Clinton’s Director of Operations, who gave them the idea to set the video to “Fight Song” and eventually shared the video with Clinton herself.

She loved it so much that she shared the video on her Twitter account on Thursday, where it’s gained two thousand retweets and over eight thousand “likes” (and counting!)

Both Clintons are Scattered Books customers, and Scott Schaefer was even more excited about the final product knowing Hillary herself had a chance to watch it.

“We made it just as kind of a labor of love, never expecting that anything like that would happen,” Scott Schaefer said of Clinton’s tweet. “It was just a wonderful surprise. More than anything, I’m excited for the kids that were in it. It was really thrilling and kind of a once in a lifetime thing for them.”

And the books, Scott Schaefer says, are selling.

“A lot of people have been buying it,” she says. “They’ve been providing feedback, a lot of people come to the store and talk with each other. It has been doing well.”

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