Drew Angerer/Getty; Chris Usher/CBS via Getty
September 14, 2017 01:07 PM

It just might be the perfect book recommendation for a president who prefers his daily intelligence briefings in picture form.

After Donald Trump fired off two late-night tweets slamming Hillary Clinton‘s new campaign memoir, What Happened, on Wednesday, the former Democratic nominee offered the president a different reading suggestion — her children’s book, It Takes a Village.

“If you didn’t like that book, try this one — some good lessons in here about working together to solve problems,” Clinton tweeted, including a photo of her just-released picture book adaptation of her best-selling 1996 book of the same name.

“Happy to send a copy,” she added.

Clinton’s book burn comes after Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday night to bash his 2016 rival’s memoir.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction!” he wrote, adding in a follow-up tweet: “The ‘deplorables’ came back to haunt Hillary. They expressed their feelings loud and clear. She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!”

No word on what he thinks of her Twitter game — but everyone else seems to approve.

“Mic drop,” wrote one Twitter user.

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