A protester came to a Clinton rally Tuesday with a sign that read "Bill Clinton is a rapist!"

By Stephanie Petit
Updated November 02, 2016 01:26 PM

Hillary Clinton lashed out against presidential election opponent Donald Trump and his supporters after a protester came to a Tuesday rally with a sign that read “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

The heckler interrupted the 69-year-old Democratic nominee’s speech in the battleground state of Florida by shouting and waving his sign, and Clinton went on the attack.

“I’m sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump,” Clinton said furiously, pointing her finger at the protester.

The crowd of 4,300 cheered back as law enforcement officials surrounded the man and escorted him out.

His sign was ripped apart. At the bottom, it read, “INFOWARS.COM.” The right-wing website, run by controversial radio host Alex Jones, offered protesters money for saying on television, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” and wearing a shirt with the same message. The contest has closed, but interruptions have continued.

Meanwhile, Trump told early voters in Wisconsin that even though Election Day is one week away, it’s not too late to change their minds and recast their ballots in his favor.

“A lot of things have happened over the last few days,” the 70-year-old businessman said in the wake of the FBI’s review of newly discovered emails that may be tied to Clinton’s use of a private email server.

“This is a message for any Democratic voters who have already cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and are having a bad case of buyers’ remorse — in other words, you want to change your vote — Wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you’ve made a mistake,” Trump said.

Trump also took his message to Twitter, reminding voters that six states allow voters to change their early voters.

“So, now that you see that Hillary was a big mistake, change your vote to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” he wrote.