#StillWithHer: Hillary Clinton Photog Dedicates New Book to 'Students Who March, Women Who Run'

Photographer Barbara Kinney, in her upcoming book #StillWithHer exclusively previewed here, offers an intimate look back at 2016 and celebrates "all who, in Hillary's words, 'resist, insist, persist, enlist' to finish the work we started together."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Former White House photographer Barbara Kinney, who has worked with the Clinton family since 1993, says 2016 crowds like this one, in Westchester, New York, were akin to a "jolt of caffeine." She dedicates #StillWithHer (produced in collaboration with PEOPLE correspondent Sandra Sobieraj Westfall) and its 267 images of the history-making campaign to "the students who march and the women who rally — not only as voters, but as candidates, too. ... to every person who attended a rally and made every trip worth taking...and to the 65,845,063 voters who believed in the Hillary I’ve known all these years."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Clinton (with her niece Fiona Rodham after accepting her party's presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention, July 28, 2016) wrote the book's foreword, titling it "An Extraordinary Moment."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

In an essay for the book, former figure skater and State Department senior adviser Michelle Kwan recalls her weight and makeup being criticized when she was on the ice: "I bit my lip rather than say what I was thinking: 'But did you see my jump?' " When she later saw Clinton (reminded by adviser Jake Sullivan, right, to smile before a debate) "faulted for everything from her laugh to her haircut," Kwan writes, "...that old voice in my head would stammer, 'But did you see her jump?' ...Did you happen to notice any fraction of all she accomplished in her 30 years of public service?"

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

"From the earliest days of the campaign in the spring of 2015 to the final hours of election night in 2016, Barb was there," Clinton (with her Democratic primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in New Hampshire) writes of Kinney's unmatched behind-the-scenes photo access.

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Clinton and Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon backstage prior to Hillary's cameo appearance as bartender Val, playing against McKinnon's impersonation of a campaign-weary Clinton.

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Donald Trump's "nasty woman" slur against Clinton in their final debate, became a slogan of pride for her supporters (here at a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, during the final week of the campaign). "After Nov. 8, 2016, when it felt as if all of that had been ground into the mud, I heard women find even bolder, louder voices," Michelle Kwan writes in the book. "They took the handoff from Hillary and let her momentum propel them forward."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

In the #StillWithHer epilogue, Chelsea Clinton writes about the trust that her parents had in Kinney, who started work in Bill Clinton's White House on Jan. 20, 1993. "Today, because of the ubiquity of cellphones, cameras are everywhere. We can catalogue our daily lives and moments of significance," Chelsea writes. "We still need photographers like Barb to help discern when a moment helps illuminate a larger truth, the love between a mother and daughter, the kindness of a candidate, the joy of a campaign."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Clinton and aides on her campaign plane listen to Bill Clinton congratulating his wife on sweeping the Democratic primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio. "For many of us, the 2016 election was ...infuriating and at times even heartbreaking. But it was also surprising, uplifting and joyful," Hillary Clinton writes in #StillWithHer, available at www.thehillarybook.com, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting her nonprofit Onward Together to encourage civic participation.

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Clinton, reacting to a funny question during a Facebook Live Q&A at campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, writes in #StillWithHer: "The irrepressible energy of the volunteers and staff, the excitement of the people from all walks of life...is too often overlooked."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Clinton, with daughter Chelsea watching a video featuring Flint, Michigan, residents affected by the water crisis in their city, says, "#StillWithHer reminds me of many of the people I met on the campaign trail and think about to this day."

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

"No matter what she faced on the campaign trail, she stayed focused — she always got up and kept going," Maya Harris, the campaign's senior policy advisor, writes in an essay for #StillWithHer.

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Courtesy Barbara Kinney/#StillWithHer

Clinton's signature pantsuits, at her home in Chappaqua, New York. Addressing her supporters, she writes in #StillWithHer: "I hope you will get back out there and keep fighting. Because we've got our work cut out for us."

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