Hundreds of dancers clad in colorful pantsuits performed a flash mob for Hillary Clinton in N.Y.C.'s Union Square

New York City’s Union Square was awash with a rainbow of colorful pantsuits when nearly 200 dancers flooded the popular downtown park to perform an upbeat flash mob in honor of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The early-morning dance routine last Sunday was set to Justin Timberlake‘s (a Clinton advocate) “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and was meant to promote “unity, love, and inclusivity,” according to a video posted of the performance.

Organized by Celia Rowlson-Hall and Mia Lidofsky and co-choreographed by the former and Crishon Landers, the flash mob drew a large crowd.

“I wanted to bring some kind of humanity to her campaign, because I think humanity and love and humor tend to get lost when we’re in the heat of all of this,” Rowlson-Hall told The Washington Post of choreographing the bit. “We just felt the need to do something. We thought, how can we creatively impact this election? So we made the video.”


Rowlson-Hall and her partners reached out for dancers on social media, and she then videotaped herself performing the steps and sent the tape along to the interested parties. Some of the dancers were professionals — including a few Broadway stars — while others, like a dentist, just wanted to showcase their appreciation for the former secretary of state, the Post said.

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Before the big event, dancers met in small groups for sessions with the choreographers and were provided with their pantsuits: either donated from Topshop or nabbed from thrift stores.

Luckily, the group nailed the performance — and caught it on video with no police interference (and no permit).

“We dance because love is love, because black lives matter, because climate change is real, because women’s rights are human rights, because immigrants make America great, because every vote matters,” the group declared in the clip. “We dance for Hillary, because she fights for us.”