Hillary Clinton Admits Kate McKinnon's 'Hilarious' 'SNL' Impersonation Makes Her Second-Guess Herself

Hillary Clinton admits that Kate McKinnon's SNL impersonation of her makes her think, "Oh my gosh, did I roll my eyes? Lift my eyebrows?"

It’s hard to watch yourself — even when yourself isn’t, well, yourself.

Hillary Clinton says that while she enjoys Kate McKinnon‘s Saturday Night Live impersonation of her, sometimes the parody makes her question her own public persona.

“Her really dramatic impersonation of me does make me think, ‘Oh my gosh, did I roll my eyes? Lift my eyebrows?’ ” Clinton tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “My laugh, which has been noted since I was a little girl—’hearty’ is the way it’s often described—I see the exaggerated version of it and I do sometimes think, ‘Well, maybe I should just sort of back off from that.’ But then I forget and go on and just be what I’ve always been.”

Still, Clinton is sure to tune in — if not during SNL‘s late live time slot, then through streaming. She was particularly fond of the iconic sketch show’s “hilarious” coverage of all three presidential debates.

“I mean the combination of Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon is priceless,” Clinton shares.

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The Democratic nominee — who most recently appeared in a sketch during the show’s 41st season — is also in awe of the SNL crew’s perfect recreation of her famed pantsuits.

“They have these seamstresses, tailors, and designers literally on call to make whatever I was wearing so that Kate can wear it,” Clinton tells PEOPLE. “And I was stunned by that when I was on SNL the first time back in ’08, I was shocked that I showed up and the suit I was wearing was the suit that, at that time, Amy Poehler was wearing. It was really funny.”

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