Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS
October 28, 2015 12:10 AM

Hillary Clinton made her first appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the two got a little flirty when talking about the democratic presidential candidate’s plan for the country.

While outlining her goals, Clinton referenced her husbands’ years in the oval, prompting Colbert to ask if that means, “we get the 90s back.”

“Do I have to wear parachute pants, slap bracelets?” he joked. “Are we going to have to get jiggy with it?”

Of course, a little flattery and flirtation never hurt anyone.

“You look good in parachute pants,” Clinton said; to which Colbert quipped, “I have the hips for it.”

After joking and teasing, the former Secretary of State got serious, noting that although she admires what her husband did in office she is not running to finish what he – on anyone else – started.

“We’re not going back. I’m not running for my husband’s third presidency, or Obama’s third term,” Clinton said. “I’m running for my first term.”

Clinton expanded on her plans, adding that she wants to bring the middle class back to America and calling for the wealthy to pay more in taxes and a higher minimum wage, saying we need to “get back to making the economy work for everyone.”

“We’ve got to get back to putting the middle class at the center of our politics,” she said. “Cutting taxes doesn’t create broad based prosperity, it creates inequality.”

Clinton ended her appearance with more jokes as Colbert pulled out vintage pictures of the candidate, saying that her style would make for great Halloween costumes for anyone who wanted to scare their Republican friends.

“Dress up like Hillary Clinton and scare your Democratic friends,” Clinton chimed in, laughing at herself and insisting no one told her photos would be supplied.

But, it was Colbert who had the last laugh, adding before the presidential hopeful left the stage, “Go dressed up any way they want but they have to stay for 11 hours.”

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