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No two palms are alike — and neither are two presidential candidates. Using the ancient art of palmistry, here is a read of the current contenders’ waving hands. The practice of palmistry has been used for centuries to evaluate character and direction in life. By comparing their hands and the major lines of their palms, we have a unique view into what makes Hillary Clinton (left) and Donald Trump (right) tick.

The Hand and the Thumb
Hand and finger shapes reveal hereditary influences and character. Since both candidates are right-handed, we’ll examine their dominant hands (in-depth readings study both hands and more lines and features of the hands).

Hillary Clinton: Clinton’s square palm with longish fingers is called an “air hand.” Intellectual by nature, these are the hands of a strong communicator who will work tirelessly toward goals, often engrossed to the point of causing herself great stress. Her thumb shows flexibility and her longer second phalange indicates her decisions are logical.
Donald Trump: Trump has a square palm with fingers that are stubby, shorter than his palm. This is someone who while capable, finds it hard to deal with emotional displays. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit but does not like to deal with details. He’s a “What You See Is What You Get” fellow. The size and shape of his thumb in relation to his hand reveals he can be flexible, but the longer first thumb phalange reveals a man who expresses will over logic with an arrogant nature.

Life Line
Contrary to what many imagine, the life line does not measure life span. This line reveals important milestones, periods of emotional difficulty and overall health. Both Clinton and Trump have lifelines that begin as chained lines. Starting between the thumb and index finger their lines are composed of small, connected islands, rather than a deep clean line. This shows a stressful start in life with family circumstances beyond the child’s control, having a negative effect on their early emotional well-being.

HC: Moving down the line, the formation of a triangle between her life and head line beginning in her late teens shows a period of exhausting hard work and professional development. After age 30, her line arcs outward, expressing vitality and drive. She is someone whose pursuit of knowledge and interests will be life-long. In addition, she has a line of Mars parallel to her life line; most people don’t have one. This line bolsters health and increases protection. It’s a line someone going into battle could only hope for.
DT: Trump’s transition from a child to a teen was not smooth. An elongated island on his life line encircling his adolescence indicates a troubled period — most likely the transition from home to his stay at military school. As he comes into adulthood the line bows out into his palm, the robust arc of someone with an enthusiastic nature who is constantly seeking new experiences.

Head Line
Indicating intellectual prowess, this line shows one’s ability to think clearly and communicate thoughts to others.

HC: Clinton’s head line begins joined at her life line. When this occurs the hand is often described as the artist’s hand, as it indicates someone who does not separate their career from their personal life. It’s all one big thing, which can lead to some sleepless nights. Her line then curves downward across her hand ending in a fork: The fork indicates proficiency in writing, and an interest in the law. It also indicates a person who is both practical and imaginative.
DT: Donald’s head line has the same starting point as Hillary’s. That’s another trait in common: He cannot separate career and personal life, either. The line then takes a straight but slightly sloped path across his palm. It tells us he takes an objective view of his environment, prefers a direct approach to communication and is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Heart Line
The emotional history line, it tells the story of the bearer’s ability to give and accept love throughout their life.

HC: A feathered start (meaning the line has many small breaks), this refers back to that stressful early environment her life line showed. As she moves from childhood to adolescence her heart line becomes stronger, sweeping upward ending in a fork below her middle and index finger. A good sign, this indicates a healthy overall emotional outlook with great passion for her husband and family. However, she sees them clearly and is not unrealistic about family foibles.
DT: Trump’s heart line begins as a chained line, another indication he suffered an early lack of emotional support. The chained line continues well into adulthood, showing a person who has not experienced a full range of emotional depth and is more sexually oriented. In later years the line has a strong segment under the middle finger, indicating eventually he comes to understand that a close partner is important to his happiness.

Line of Fate
Not everyone has one, but both our candidates do. This line tracks the direction of one’s professional life and the obstacles and breaks along the way.

HC: Clinton has an unusually strong fate line. Beginning at the bottom of the palm and working upward it shows she’s held a series of positions and has taken advice — not always to her advantage — from family along the way. There have been interruptions, but she has the ability to regroup. The most powerful part of her career occurring after the age of 60, she has no concept of retirement.
DT: Trump’s fate line begins low on the left side on his palm indicating early entrepreneurial ambitions and an aggressive drive for material success. His line becomes lighter and meanders up his hand indicating he’s at times misdirected, but manages to rebuild and progress. Like Clinton’s career, from age 60 onward is a very successful period and there will be no retirement.

Reading only the major lines, the candidates reveal themselves to be accomplished individuals who grow all the more motivated with age. You’ve got to “hand” it to them — while the philosophies that drive them differ, no matter how the election goes, these tough opponents will both remain in the public eye for some time to come.

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