When it comes to coolly facing down critics, the apple doesn't far fall from the tree for Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall Tierney McAfee
September 13, 2017 02:40 PM

When it comes to coolly facing down critics, the apple doesn’t far fall from the tree for Hillary Clinton‘s daughter, Chelsea.

Since amping up her Twitter presence in the wake of President Trump‘s election, the former first daughter has made a habit of directly calling out those who attack her and responding to their hate with a smile.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Clinton applauds her only daughter for taking the high road in her dealings with Twitter trolls.

“It’s really disarming, isn’t it?” the former Democratic presidential nominee tells PEOPLE in an interview for this week’s issue, pegged to her new campaign memoir, What Happened. “One thing I’ve learned over the years is how easy it is for people to say horrible things about you behind your back, but how hard it is for them to look you in the eye and say it to your face.

“Even the most virulent critics are caught off guard when confronted with polite cheerfulness,” she continues. “You can add this to the long list of reasons I’m so proud of Chelsea.”

Justin Sullivan/Getty

In April, the former first daughter gave a poised response to a Twitter user who seemed to cast doubt on Chelsea’s challenges breastfeeding her then-10-month-old son, Aidan, which she had recently written about in an essay for Well + Good.

“I’m sad you assume any woman wld lie abt breastfeeding,” Chelsea wrote as part of the below exchange.

In June, Chelsea cheerfully responded to a Twitter user who took issue with her calling out the White House for fat-shaming after Trump’s then-chief strategist Steve Bannon made a comment about Sean Spicer’s weight.

And in August, Chelsea took on a Twitter user who mocked her appearance in a since deleted tweet implying that she looked like a Bugs Bunny mascot at Six Flags.

“Hi Scott! Hope your cousins had a lovely time @SixFlags,” Chelsea wrote. “I was lucky enough to go when I was about their age too. Have a great night!”

For more on Hillary Clinton’s post-election life, pick up the new issue of People on newsstands Friday.