Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP
September 26, 2017 05:12 PM

Sentences that start with “If it wasn’t sexist, I would…” rarely end well — and the case of Rep. Mark Walker on Tuesday was no exception.

Walker, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, is under fire for describing the women in his conservative caucus as the group’s “eye candy” during a presentation outside the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday.

“The accomplished men and women of the RSC — and women, if it wasn’t sexist, I would say the RSC eye candy, but we’ll leave that out of the record — are not attention seekers,” Walker said Tuesday as he explained that the group of nearly 160 GOP lawmakers would be taking a more “vocal and visible” role in national debates.

One of the female representatives standing behind Walker chuckled at the remark but two other women did not, according to a video of the moment posted by The Hill.

Walker was quickly censured for his remarks, which critics on Twitter said were, in fact, sexist.

“If it wasn’t sexist, I’d say something sexist. Ah, f–k it I’ll say it anyways,” one Twitter user mocked.

“If it wasn’t so rude, I’d call Mark Walker a moron,” said another.

Some called for the congressman to resign or apologize to his female colleagues.

“Called my Rep. Mark Walker’s office to let him know I didn’t appreciate his sexist comment & advising him to apologize [to his] colleagues,” one person tweeted.

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