Google is getting into the Election Day spirit with their latest doodle

By Dave Quinn
November 06, 2018 09:01 AM

Google is getting into the Election Day spirit with their latest doodle.

The popular search engine transformed its colorful logo into the words “Go Vote” on Tuesday, in honor of the 2018 United States midterm elections.

In addition to the simple message, Google created a tool that not only helps users find their local polling place for the election, but also helps explain the process with information on how to vote in both English and Spanish.

Credit: Google

All eyes are on the midterm elections, with voter turnout expected to be higher than ever — especially among young people and Democrats, who are hoping to take back Congress in order to impede President Donald Trump‘s agenda.

One of the most high-profile battles in the House of Representatives involves the fight for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, where staunch Republican incumbent Steve King is being challenged by former baseball player and paralegal J.D. Scholten.

Meanwhile over in the Senate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is fighting to keep his seat — which he’s held since 2013 — from challenger Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic Representative many fans are calling the new John F. Kennedy. O’Rourke has been polling behind the Republican Cruz an average of 6.5 points, according to Real Clear Politics. If O’Rourke loses, some speculate that he will run for president against Trump in 2020.

Perhaps the biggest Governor race is in Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abram could be on track to become the first black female governor in United States history. She’ll have to beat Brian Kemp first, Georgia’s current secretary of state who recently faced a scandal due to reports that his office put 53,000 voter applications — most of which were from black people — on hold because they didn’t meet the state’s controversial standards. These applicants have since been allowed to vote.

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