May 18, 2017 04:00 PM

Oh “hey,” it’s Dubya.

As a Justice Department special prosecutor began work investigating the nation’s current president on Wednesday, former President George W. Bush brought some much-needed levity to the political world with a well-timed photobomb that has already captured the Internet’s heart.

While taking in a Texas Rangers game with wife Laura Bush in Arlington, Texas, on Wednesday night, the former president walked by Fox Sports reporter Emily Jones and popped his head onscreen to say “hey.”

“My most favorite photo bomb ever!” Jones later tweeted of the moment.

Others on Twitter took notice, with one declaring the presidential photobomb a welcome “break from the madness.”

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“George W. Bush seems to just know when we need a break from the madness, and he brings an awkward photobomb or a fight with a poncho,” @LinzS84 wrote, referencing Bush’s Inauguration-Day struggle to wear a poncho

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