April 19, 2017 12:50 PM

Former President George H.W. Bush continues his recovery after being hospitalized over the Easter weekend with a “mild case” of pneumonia that has since resolved, with his wife Barbara nearby.

The spokesman for the 41st president, Jim McGrath, shared an update on Wednesday morning. Although Bush will remain at the Houston Methodist Hospital for at least another night, he is staying positive.

“Mr. Bush had a good night’s rest, and his spirits are high,” McGrath said in the statement. “Although he will not be discharged today, he is already looking forward to going home to Mrs. Bush who has been constantly by his side.”

A persistent cough sent Bush, 92, to the hospital on Good Friday, according to a prior statement. The cough was said to have “prevented him from getting proper rest.”

Pneumonia was subsequently diagnosed and successfully treated.

Bush was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit in January for a bad bout of bronchitis and pneumonia. Within a week of being discharged, he was on the field at Super Bowl LI to make the coin toss.

Earlier in April, former president Bill Clinton visited with the Bushes at their Houston home.

At that time, Bush spokesman Jim McGrath told PEOPLE: “President Bush recently declared that he wants to live to be 100, and being a goal oriented person I would never bet against him. He has rebounded nicely from his recent [January] hospitalization.”

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