President George H. W. Bush Remains Hospitalized for Chronic Bronchitis

The 41st president was originally hospitalized for a "mild case" of pneumonia over the Easter weekend

APTOPIX George H W Bush Hospitalized
Photo: Courtesy the Office of George H.W. Bush/AP

President George H. W. Bush remains hospitalized after a bout of pneumonia, his spokesman stated in a tweet on Tuesday.

Bush, 92, has recovered from pneumonia but “continues to deal with the effects of chronic bronchitis,” Jim McGrath, his spokesman, said in a statement.

McGrath said the condition is more prevalent with age and has left the former president’s airway with a “constant, low-level of inflammation that can aggravate the symptoms of pneumonia.”

Bush is expected to return to his home at the end of the week, according to McGrath, where he will continue to aggressively treat his condition with medicine.

The 41st president was hospitalized at Houston’s Methodist Hospital over the Easter weekend with a “mild case” of pneumonia. His son, George W. Bush, posted a health update last Thursday, saying his father was “ready to come home soon.”

In January, Bush was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit for a bad bout of bronchitis and pneumonia. Within a week of being discharged, he was on the field at Super Bowl LI to make the coin toss.

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