Hillary Clinton Instagram
November 08, 2016 07:25 AM

It’s been 18 months since all of the presidential candidates first launched their campaigns, more than one year since the first debate and 10 months since the first primary. But we did it, America: We made it to Election Day.

And after more than a year of vitriol, tweet storms, questionable comments and more, it’s almost over. People are pretty happy — and can’t resist recognizing the occasion on Twitter.

Some are sarcastic:

Okay, a lot of people are sarcastic:

Some are worried about the results …:

… and about what might happen after they’re announced:

Others are just in disbelief that it’s actually Nov. 8:

And are relieved:

A few are … sad?

But mostly, people are just encouraging others to vote:

Just a few more hours, everyone!



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