Wilbur beat the incumbent, Brynneth Pawltrow
rench Bulldog elected 'Mayor' Of Kentucky Town
Wilbur the French bulldog
| Credit: Rabbit Hash/ Facebook

A French Bulldog named Wilbur has been elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, in an annual tradition that this year adds bit of levity to an otherwise tumultuous election cycle.

The contest — which isn't state-sanctioned and actually serves as a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society — ultimately raised more than $13,000 for the organization, with Wilbur bringing in $6,170 of the grand total. The funds will go toward maintaining the historic town.

Wilbur, whose campaign slogan was "Give me liberty or give me...milkbones," was up against 16 other candidates, including Stella the Fat Cat, Smokey the rooster, and Higgins, a donkey.

Wilbur will replace the town's incumbent "mayor," a rescued pit bull named Brynneth Pawltrow. In a post pinned to his Facebook page, he (or, presumably, his owners), wrote that he was humbled at his victory.

"Mayor Wilbur here! I got to meet so many lovely people in the last 24 hours..and I can't wait to meet so many more," the post read. "I am humbled and beyond thankful for all of the support from far away and right here at home."

In true candidate fashion, Wilbur appears wearing an American flag-patterned bow tie in the bulk of his campaign photos.

Former Florida governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush got a kick out of the news, posting the election results to Twitter along with a note that, "Our democracy is strong!"

The newly elected four-legged figurehead, who is still just a puppy, was interviewed on area news station Fox 19 NOW, providing a small grunt when asked how it felt to claim victory in the race.

Wilbur is the fifth dog to be named "mayor" of Rabbit Hash, a 200-year-old town with a population of under 500, according to 2018 numbers from the U.S. Census.

His owner, Amy Noland, told Fox 19 NOW that she thought he would "have a great chance at helping the town preserve what they wanted and still get tourists to come and see this magical place."