Fox News' Jennifer Griffin: Covering Clinton Campaign 'Is Not an Assignment for People with Families'

Veteran Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin say covering a presidential campaign is "very challenging"

Raising three children while covering a historic presidential election can’t be easy.

For veteran Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin, the non-stop traveling from state to state with the Hillary Clinton campaign, the late hours, lack of sleep and constant inconsistencies when it comes to seeing her family is “very challenging.”

“It’s very hard, my kids are 7 and 13 and 15,” says Griffin, 47, who has worked at Fox News for 20 years. (The network is celebrating its 20th anniversary amid the run-up to the election, and its anchor Chris Wallace moderated Wednesday night’s third and final Presidential debate). “My youngest son, it’s particularly hard on him. He said this summer, because I’ve been gone since May — I maybe get home for a day every couple of weeks — but he said, ‘Hillary Clinton is ruining my summer.’ ”

The former war reporter adds, “It’s very draining, it’s very hard. I’m missing the entire fall season for my daughter who’s a varsity soccer player and my other daughter who is running cross country. I’ve missed a lot of key moments but they understand, they understand that this is a historic election.”

On top of the endless scrambling, Griffin — a cancer survivor — finds it difficult to keep up with her health.

“I’m trying to, as you know from when I had cancer and the aftermath, I really try to not only eat very healthy because there is so much proof that that helps in terms of keeping your immune system strong and to send off cancer and stay healthy and to prevent a recurrence, particularly with the triple negative breast cancer that I had, but also to exercise every day,” says Griffin.

“So I’m desperately trying to get to the gym in every hotel but we often fly right after our 7 p.m. live shot, we are flying to the next city or we have to get up at 4 in the morning to get on a 6 a.m. flight when we’re hopscotching ahead of [Hillary’s] plane. It’s very challenging,” she continues. “But I’ve been trying to get a workout in each day and I started yoga before this started and I’ve been trying to use a lot of yoga to just kind of keep my head through this because it is as physical an exercise as it is mental covering a campaign.”

Justin Fishel/FOX News Channel via Getty Images

With a loving and supporting husband (Greg Myre, NPR’s digital editor for international news), Griffin says her and her family are pushing through the storm and counting down the days.

“We’re getting through it, but I would say this is not an assignment for people with families, it’s very difficult,” she says.