Fox News Anchor Debunks Trump's Vote Fraud Claims: 'False Claims Are an Insult'

"There is no evidence of any widespread fraud," anchor Eric Shawn said

Eric Shawn
Photo: Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan via Getty

Fox News anchor Eric Shawn on Sunday pushed back strongly against President Donald Trump's recent claims of election fraud, saying "there is no evidence of any widespread fraud" and that America's democracy "was not tampered with."

In a segment focused on Trump's claims, Shawn first aired a series of interviews with election experts (including at least one of whom, Philadelphia city commissioner Al Schmidt, is a Republican), in which they all said the election was determined freely, and that claims about the controversy are conspiracy theories.

"Election officials across the country insist as of today, there is no evidence of any widespread fraud affecting the outcome of the presidential election," Shawn said. "That our precious democracy was not tampered with and that as such, baseless and false claims are an insult to the thousands of elections officials and workers across the country who we have seen dedicating themselves 24/7 to ensure a fair and free election for all of us."

Though vote-counting wasn't completed on Election Day (due to a surplus of mail-in votes cast amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic), the race was called less than a week later for President-elect Joe Biden.

The latest voting totals show Biden defeated Trump by at least 290-232 electoral votes and more than five million more popular votes nationwide, according to the Associated Press.

Rather than concede the race, Trump has since baselessly argued that the election was “stolen” from him and that voter fraud impacted the results of the election. Officials nationwide say there's no evidence to back up those claims.

Though Fox News has been known to air opinion coverage favorable of Trump, 74, the network's journalists have responded with more skepticism to charges of a "stolen" election in the wake of Trump's defeat.

Last week, Fox anchor Sandra Smith reacted with exasperation after a pro-Trump lawyer insisted that Joe Biden had not in fact won the 2020 presidential election.

Footage that subsequently went viral on social media shows Smith — who was on a hot mic and could not be seen or heard on-air at the time — looking up from her notes, shaking her head and narrowing her eyes in disbelief as a pro-Trump lawyer alleged the winner of the presidential race was still unknown.

“What? What is happening?” Smith said incredulously.

Trump's campaign reportedly grew furious at Fox News on election night, after it became the first major network to call Arizona for Biden based on the votes coming in. Other major networks, including the Associated Press, called Biden's win in the state over the following days.

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