Former President Barack Obama Grins While Golfing in His Home State of Hawaii

Barack Obama continues to enjoy himself after leaving the White House

EXCLUSIVE: Former US President Barack Obama looks like he's enjoying his retirement - as he plays golf in Hawaii
Photo: MEGA

Former President Barack Obama took a break from hitting Broadway with his daughter Malia, showing off his more relaxed style and welcoming rounds of applause on the sidewalk to escape to Hawaii for (another) warm weather getaway.

While the Obamas spent plenty of time in the Aloha State during their eight years in the White House — they traveled there every December into January for the holidays — this is Obama’s first post-presidency trip to the state where he was born.

And while he’s there, he’s partaking in one of his favorite activities: golf.

Obama wore a white polo and blue shorts for the occasion, as well as a wide smile (which has been present on his face since pretty much the exact moment he left office.)

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Obama’s time on the golf course during his eight years in office was criticized by current President Donald Trump. However, since the 45th president was sworn into office in January, Trump himself has taken several golfing trips.

The Obamas have been getting a lot of sun time in since leaving the White House. After now-President Trump’s inauguration, they flew directly to Palm Springs, and then took a trip to Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands, where he was spotted grinning widely while indulging in water sports including kite surfing.

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