9 Famous Women Who Turned Down Donald Trump's (Both Real 'and' Imagined) Romantic Passes

Or, at the very least, made sure the public knew that they did not date him

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After he legally separated from second wife Marla Maples in 1996, Trump called Shields to ask her out. She opened up about Trump's proposition on Watch What Happens Live, telling Andy Cohen she got the call from Trump on a movie set. "He said, ‘I really think we should date because you’re America’s sweetheart and I’m America’s richest man and the people would love it,” Shields recalled. The date, however, never happened. Shields deflected his advances, telling Trump that she had a boyfriend and he wouldn't "be happy about it."

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The Murphy Brown actress went on a single date—a blind date—with a young Donald Trump when the two were students at the University of Pennsylvania. During an appearance on Harry and later, on Watch What Happens Live (while wearing a sweater that read "Free Melania"), Bergen described how Trump picked her up for the date in a said, picked her up in a burgundy-colored limousine—and wore a burgundy three-piece suit and burgundy loafers to match. As for chemistry, Bergen says, "I was home very early," and "there was no physical contact whatsoever." She did offer one compliment to Trump, along with one hearty diss: "He was a good-looking guy—and a douche."

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While filming the movie Primary Colors in the 1990s, Thompson got a call in her trailer from none other than Trump himself, she revealed on a Swedish television show. “I lift up the phone. ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here.’ I said, ‘Really? Can I help you?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I just you know, I wondered if I could offer you some accommodation in one of my Trump Towers. They’re really comfortable,'" Thompson recalled. The actress added that Trump went on to say: "Well, you know, I think we would get on very well. Maybe we could have dinner sometime.” Thompson quickly said her goodbyes, hung up the phone and never called him back. Now, she second-guesses dismissing him so swiftly: “Think of the stories!”

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After Diana split from Prince Charles in 1996, Trump was there to woo her, according to Selina Scott, a former television journalist for the BBC. Scott wrote in a column the U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times that he sent several large bouquets of flowers to Diana at her home in Kensington Palace. “Trump clearly saw Diana as the ultimate trophy wife,” Scott wrote. “As the roses and orchids piled up at her apartment, she became increasingly concerned about what she should do. It had begun to feel as if Trump was stalking her.” Scott said Diana confided in her that Trump gave her "the creeps." Nothing ever came of Trump's gifts for Diana, something Trump himself confirmed in his 1997 book The Art of the Comeback.

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During a June 2017 appearance on The Daily Show, Hayek revealed that Trump once attempted to ask her out, even though he knew her heart was spoken for at the time. After meeting Trump at an event with her then-boyfriend, Trump asked the two of them for their phone numbers, allegedly inviting the couple to join him in Atlantic City. Though Trump never called Hayek's boyfriend, he did call her and asked her out, she says. “He’s inviting me out, and I’m like, ‘What about my boyfriend? Am I crazy? Are you asking me out? You know I have a boyfriend,’ ” she recalled saying. Trump's response? " 'He’s not good enough for you. He’s not important. He’s not big enough for you. You have to go out with me.' " Hayek told BuzzFeed that she then told Trump she wouldn't date him "even if I didn’t have a boyfriend."

Hayek also says that she believes Trump planted a story about her in the National Enquirer, which read that Trump said he wouldn't go out with her because she's too short. “Later, he called and left me a message. ‘Can you believe this? Who would say this? I don’t want people to think this about you,'” she said. “He thought that I would try to go out with him so people wouldn’t think that’s why he wouldn’t go out with me.”

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Long before she married former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Bruni was rumored as the reason for the end of Trump's relationship with Marla Maples, his second wife. Whispers of a Trump-Bruni affair didn't stay quiet for long—not after Trump himself said they were true. At the time, Bruni was vocal in her denial, telling The Daily Mail: “Trump is obviously a lunatic. It’s so untrue and I’m deeply embarrassed by it all. I’ve only ever met him once, about a year ago, at a big charity party in New York. And I haven’t seen him since, of that I’m sure.” More than 20 years later, the model and singer continues to insist that she never had anything to do with Trump: “The whole situation was very vague and just did not exist,” she told The Daily Beast. “So I was very surprised when he went to the press.” In this case, Trump only had to pretend to have a relationship with Bruni to get rejected.

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When Trump's marriage to his first wife, Ivana Trump, was crumbling amid 1990 rumors that he was having an affair, one of the names floated as Trump's mistress was that of Fleming, a gold-medal winning figure skater. At the time, Fleming, long retired from skating, was married and had two children. She released a statement expressing her displeasure—not with the rumors, but with the fact that Trump himself hadn't been the one to deny them in the first place. “The rumor of my romantic association with Donald Trump is untrue, unfounded and outrageous,” she said. "The reason I’m going public with my outrage over this allegation is that I had hoped that Donald Trump would issue his own statement of the rumor being completely unfounded, and that has not happened quickly enough. I’ve been around Donald Trump four times in my life.” And just in case she wasn't clear in her feelings about Trump, Fleming added: "I wouldn’t even call him a good friend."

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Oxenberg, an actress who starred on Dynasty and played Princess Diana — another one of Trump's attempted conquests — in two TV movies, was another woman he was rumored to have dated. But she shot this talk down, telling PEOPLE in 1990: “It’s a complete joke as far as I’m concerned. I hardly know the man.”

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Another one of Trump's rumored paramours who was quick to deny any connection to him? Alt, a model, who denied any association with Trump by issuing a witty statement through her manager: "Donald Trump is a fortunate man, but he’s not that fortunate."

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