Eric Trump Tells Dad 'Make Uncle Robert Proud' in RNC Speech Referencing President's Late Brother

President Donald Trump held funeral services for his brother Robert at the White House last week

Eric trump
Eric Trump speaking Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Eric Trump ended his speech during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday by telling his dad, President Donald Trump, to "make Uncle Robert proud" in reference to the president's younger brother, who died earlier this month.

"Dad, let's make Uncle Robert very proud this week," Eric, 36, said at the end of his speech, in what he said was a message directly for his dad. "Let's go get another four years. I love you very much."

Robert Trump was 71 when died on Aug. 15 after a summer of ill health, including a sudden hospitalization only days before the RNC.

"He loved our country so much," the president, 74, said after his brother's death. "He was so proud of what we were doing and what we are doing for our country."

A funeral service was held for Robert at the White House last week — though, possibly reflecting Trump family tensions, their sister Maryanne was not in attendance. (Audio of her disparaging the president was leaked by her niece last week as well.)

Robert Trump and Donald Trump
Robert Trump (left) hugs his brother Donald Trump after the president-elect delivered his acceptance speech in the early morning hours of Nov. 9, 2016, in New York City. Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Trump's middle son spoke out in support of his father's re-election hopes on Tuesday, as part of an RNC that is largely set to be a family affair.

Eric's wife, Lara Trump — an adviser for the Trump campaign — is scheduled to speak during the convention on Wednesday night, while his younger sister, Tiffany Trump, joined him for Tuesday's speeches.

Donald Trump Jr., the oldest Trump child, delivered remarks Monday night while their other adult sister, Ivanka Trump, is expected to introduce their father on Thursday before he accepts the Republican Party's nomination to run for re-election against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In an RNC speech that aimed to warn voters away from supporting Biden over President Trump, Eric falsely claimed Tuesday that Biden supports ongoing calls to defund the police.

Eric Trump
Eric Trump speaks on Tuesday during the Republican National Convention. RNC2020

Eric said that “once again, America became the envy of the world" under his father's tumultuous time in the White House — which has been marred by impeachment and the much-scrutinized response to a pandemic that has killed more than 170,000 people in the U.S. and waylaid an economy Trump saw as key to his re-election.

“Most politicians spend their entire careers in Washington, D.C., and get absolutely nothing accomplished,” Eric said Tuesday, referencing a common Trump campaign criticism against Biden, who was first elected to the Senate in 1972.

Biden went on to become vice president for eight years under President Barack Obama, which Democratic speakers celebrated in speeches during last week's remote Democratic National Convention, touting Biden's record in government.

In May, Eric drew condemnation from the Biden campaign after he claimed the novel coronavirus would "magically disappear" after the November election.

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