French President Emmanuel Macron Hit with an Egg During Visit to Hospitality Event

The man who threw the egg has since been identified as a 19-year-old student and was placed in psychiatric treatment after being detained

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Stephane AUDRAS-POOL/SIPA/Shutterstock

French President Emmanuel Macron had egg on his face — almost literally — after being hit on the shoulder by exactly that while making an appearance at a hospitality event in Lyon on Monday.

Footage of the event, which has been widely shared on social media, shows 43-year-old Macron wearing a mask and entering a crowded area at the event, when a bystander begins shouting.

At that point, the man threw an egg at the French president while shouting, "Vive la revolution!"

The egg bounced off the back of Macron's shoulder without cracking before members of his security team shielded him from any further incidents.

Reporters on the scene wrote that, prior to the egg being thrown, Macron had told his security team of the shouting protester: "If he has something to tell me, then he can come."

According to the Associated Press, the man who threw the egg has since been identified as a 19-year-old student and was placed in psychiatric treatment after being detained.

The egg-throwing incident comes a few months after Macron was slapped in the face while shaking hands with bystanders during a visit to a local school.

Viral video quickly spread online of that incident, which showed security rushing the president away and subduing the instigator.

Macron had initially run up to a barricade where bystanders were lined up when the first man he approached appeared to grab his left arm, said something to him and then slapped him across the face.

"A man indeed tried to hit the president. We have no further comment at that stage," a spokesperson for Macron told reporters then, according to Bloomberg. "The discussions with the crowd and the hand shaking went on. The trip goes on."

According to Reuters, the attacker could be heard shouting "Down with Macronia" during the incident as well as "Montjoie Saint Denis," a revolution battle cry against France's monarchy during the 18th century.

Macron, who will be up for reelection in 2022, has seen his approval ratings strengthen in recent months, The Guardian reports, due largely to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

France's relationship with the U.S. has been in the headlines of late, due to a a deal worth billions of dollars to provide submarines to Australia.

France had been working for years on a plan to sell 12 conventional submarines to Australia through a French shipbuilder, CNN reports. Those plans were scuttled just one day after the U.S., the U.K. and Australia announced a trilateral deal — in a partnership dubbed AUKUS — to supply Australia with nuclear-powered submarines instead.

Calling the move "a stab in the back," Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he was "angry and bitter" about the AUKUS deal, according to CNN.

Biden and President Macron spoke on a call earlier this month, "in order to discuss the implications of the announcement on September 15," according to a joint statement supplied by the White House.

"The two leaders agreed that the situation would have benefited from open consultations among allies on matters of strategic interest to France and our European partners. President Biden conveyed his ongoing commitment in that regard," the White House said of the conversation.

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