Warren didn't miss a beat, in an answer that millions of people saw on social media

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren can’t remember a time she didn’t support same-sex marriage — and she has some choice words for those who don’t.

Appearing on CNN’s Equality Town Hall on Thursday night to discuss LGBTQ issues, the presidential hopeful, 70, was asked by someone in the audience what she would do if someone on the trail said they were uncomfortable with gay people marrying.

“A supporter approaches you and says, ‘Senator, I am old-fashioned and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman,’ ” the audience member asked. “What is your response?”

Warren barely missed a beat, in an answer that quickly went viral on social media.

“Well, I’m gonna assume it’s a guy who said that,” she began, to laughter, “And I’m gonna say, ‘Then just marry one woman, I’m cool with that.’ ”

The audience burst into loud applause and some whooping, but Warren wasn’t done.

With a pause just long enough to sharpen the punchline, she added: “… Assuming you can find one.”

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren
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Warren, one of the top Democratic politicians vying to challenge President Donald Trump in next year’s election, was named one of PEOPLE’s Women Changing the World along with Sens. Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar — who together are leading a historic number of women in the 2020 race.

While she travels the country championing “big, structural” change, Warren does the same thing every time she meets a young girl at an event: “I drop down to my knees and ask her name and then say, ‘My name is Elizabeth, and I’m running for president because that’s what girls do.’ And then we do pinky promises to remember that.”

In those moments, she is thinking about a new future.

“We’ve all got to be in the fight,” she told PEOPLE for this week’s issue. “And what’s the best way to draw more people into the fight? It’s to have fighters who look like them.”