Elizabeth Warren was totally rooting for Sansa Stark during the Game of Thrones finale

By Matt McNulty
May 21, 2019 04:44 PM

WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Count Democratic politicians Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among the Game of Thrones fans who were disappointed with Sunday’s finale.

The New York congresswoman and Massachusetts senator-turned-presidential candidate spoke about the show’s ending in a short video posted to Sen. Warren’s Twitter account, with the focus of their disappointment on how the show dealt with women in power.

The two broke down how the writers of Game of Thrones approached the female characters, pointing out how some women lost their roles of power in the show’s finale on Sunday.

“I feel like we were getting so close to having this ending with just women running the world, and then the last two episodes, it’s like, ‘Oh, they’re too emotional. The end.’ It’s like, ugh, this was written by men!” said Ocasio-Cortez, 29.

“I was even, at the end, willing to make a quick allegiance shift. When Dany went nuts, I went over to Sansa. I will re-do my shirts, the whole thing,“ Warren, 69, replied. “And yet Sansa, who already is Queen of the North, thank you very much, she walks away saying, ‘And I’ll still be Queen of the North.’ Come on, Sansa. Go for the big one!”

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Jon Snow actor Kit Harington previously admitted that he was worried the last two episodes would raise questions of sexism.

“One of my worries with this is we have Cersei and Dany, two leading women, who fall,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “The justification is: Just because they’re women, why should they be the goodies? They’re the most interesting characters in the show. And that’s what Thrones has always done.”

“You can’t just say the strong women are going to end up the good people,” he added. “Dany is not a good person. It’s going to open up discussion, but there’s nothing done in this show that isn’t truthful to the characters. And when have you ever seen a woman play a dictator?”

Helen Sloan/HBO

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“This is the second woman he’s fallen in love with who dies in his arms and he cradles her in the same way,” Harington added. “That’s an awful thing. In some ways, Jon did the same thing to [his Wildling lover] Ygritte by training the boy who kills her. This destroys Jon to do this.”

The show’s leading female character, Daenerys Targaryen, was depicted as mentally unstable in the show’s finale, adding to the allegations of sexism.