"Our country's really angry right now and the government has a big part to do with that," Donnie Wahlberg told PEOPLE Now

By Alex Heigl
Updated March 17, 2016 04:25 PM
Courtesy A&E

Donnie Wahlberg might share a first name with Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean he’s in the Republican candidate’s corner.

PEOPLE Now asked Wahlberg, who publicly endorsed Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination, what he thought of the presidential race now that his preferred candidate has suspended his campaign.

“It was tough to support Marco Rubio in the first place,” Wahlberg said, “because we have a lot of things we don’t agree on.”

“I don’t think I can just vote for Donald Trump I don’t think people understand, this is a lot like 2008. People were really voting with their emotions in 2008, they wanted Obama, they wanted hope Our country’s really angry right now and the government has a big part to do with that.”

“I think we have to look at ourselves. We voted with emotion in 2008 and eight years later, everyone’s angry,” Wahlberg continued. “Our emotions have gone from hope to anger. Why did that happen? We can blame the president, we can blame the government, but we also have to look at ourselves if we vote with emotion, which we’re on the verge of doing again collectively, the angry vote is what is moving the meters right now.”

“If we voted in hope in ’08 and ended up angry eight years later, and now we vote in anger, how many decisions do people make in anger that turn out good?”