"We love USA, USA!" USA Freedom Kids sing and dance for America in Cleveland

By Katie Kauss
Updated July 21, 2016 04:30 PM
Katie Kauss

Cleveland, Ohio, is ground zero this week for politics, protesters, press, plenty of speechwriting drama and a fair share of Trumps.

But if all that comes with a little too much controversy for you, Bianca, Alexis and Elena of the USA Freedom Kids are also here, spreading some good ol’ American cheer in song and dance.

“We wanted to come so we could support America and everyone here,” Elena tells PEOPLE on Wednesday.

The trio is from from Naples, Florida, and their spirited, toe-tapping, earworm-worthy performance at a Trump rally back in January 2016 was a viral Internet sensation. This week, they were back in their matching dresses of red, white and blue and on the streets of Cleveland, posing with fans and breaking into dance – complete with an ending salute.

They even have an album coming out in August called Freedom Reborn.

“We hope to make people smile and happy,” Bianca explains. “That’s our specialty,” Alexis added.

The Republican National Convention concludes Thursday night in Cleveland.