Melania Trump did not join her husband as he traveled back to Washington D.C. on Sunday, hours before Stormy Daniels' 60 minutes interview airs

Melania Trump did not join her husband Donald Trump as he traveled back to Washington D.C. solo on Sunday, hours before Stormy Daniels‘ tell-all 60 minutes interview is set to air.

“The First Lady will be staying in Florida as is their tradition for spring break,” deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said in a statement when asked about Melania’s travel arrangements.

Melania, 47, stayed behind with her 12-year-old son Barron, to spend his spring break at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The first lady is scheduled to stay for at least a week.

In January, when the allegations of Trump’s affair with Daniels were first made, Melania retired to the spa at the first couple’s Florida resort estate.

Trump is set to arrive at the White House on Sunday at 6:20 p.m., less than an hour before 60 Minutes airs itsinterview with Daniels, a porn star who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Trump in 2006.

While Trump’s motorcade mostly passed Trump supports after he left Mar-a-Lago at 3:37 p.m., they later encountered protesters carrying signs that said “Liar” and “Russian Stooge” as the motorcade approached Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport, according to a pool report.

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The president was previously photographed alongside his wife and son as they disembarked Air Force One on Friday evening after the first lady chose to leave the White House on Friday without her husbandagain.

Though the official White House schedule stated that the first couple planned to depart the White House together on Friday, Mrs. Trump opted to depart Washington, D.C. solo following her speech at the State Department honoring “women of courage,” CNN reported.

Donald, Melania and Barron Trump

The family’s spring break trip came amid allegations that Donald had affairs with two women, Daniels and former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, while married to Melania in 2006.

Although the White House has denied both affairs, a source close to Melania recently told PEOPLE that the first lady is “furious” over the nonstop controversies engulfing the White House and her husband’s presidency. “What’s happening is exactly what she didn’t want to happen,” the source said. “They’ve literally become like the Kardashians: scandals, divorces, headlines.”

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Ahead of Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview, CNN released a polygraph report in which Ron Slay, the polygraph examiner who administered the test to Daniels in May 2011, said she was “truthful about having unprotected vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump in July 2006.”

Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti told CNN in a statement that he bought the video “to ensure that it would be maintained and kept safely during the litigation and not be altered and destroyed. We did so after learning that various parties, including mainstream media organization, were attempting to acquire the video and the file and either destroy it or use it for nefarious means.”

In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti said, “There is no question Ms. Clifford is telling the truth. The American people will come to their own conclusion this Sunday after watching 60 Minutes.”

Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on CBS.