Trump said his transition team was figuring out how his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner could play a role in his administration

By Stephanie Petit
Updated December 11, 2016 03:01 PM
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Donald Trump is heading to the nation’s capital.

The president-elect confirmed to Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that he will be living in the White House following his inauguration in an interview on the way to the Army-Navy football game on Saturday. Trump, 70, also confirmed again that his 10-year-old son Barron will not move into the White House for several months, allowing him to finish out the school year in New York City.

“I’m going to live in the White House with my family,” he said. “Barron’s going to finish up school because he’s got just a couple of months to go so it’s a little hard to take him out of school.”

Trump added that his wife Melania will travel between New York City and Washington, D.C., as necessary.

The businessman has continued to reside in New York City’s Trump Tower with his family after his election win. His presence at the building has meant that the Secret Service has had to set up round-the-clock security and block off certain sections of the busy section of Fifth Avenue. If Melania and Barron remain at Trump Tower, the security presence would most likely have to remain.

Before his interview on Sunday, there had been multiple reports that Trump would be looking to divide his time between the White House and his N.Y.C. penthouse.

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Despite spending those first few months without his immediate family nearby, Trump claimed he’ll be too busy to feel isolated in the White House.

“I’ll be working,” he responded when Wallace asked if he’ll be lonely. “It’s a very special place and it represents so much and there’s a lot to do — more than I even thought.”

And there may be some family in Washington. Trump said his transition team was in the midst of figuring out how his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner could play a role in his administration.

“If you look at Ivanka, you take a look and she’s so strong, as you know, into the women’s issue and childcare and so many things, she would be so good – nobody could do better than her,” Trump said.

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He continued, “I’d love to have Jared helping us with deals with other nations and see if we can do peace in the Middle East and other things.”

However, the business mogul acknowledged that certain laws may prevent his daughter and son-in-law having an official role in the administration.

A source close to Ivanka recently told PEOPLE that she is planning a move for her family, including her three children Arabella, 5, Joseph, 3, and 8-month-old Theodore, to Washington D.C.

“Everyone is adjusting to these new circumstances during the transition period, and while Ivanka has no intention of taking a formal role in the administration, she plans to be an advocate for issues she cares deeply about,” a source close to Ivanka tells PEOPLE.

“The team is working hard on the final stages of vetting the structure that will be put in place in leading the Trump organization to avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest. We look forward to providing updates on the corporate structure and other details next week,” the insider added.