October 24, 2016 06:47 AM

Donald Trump abruptly ended his interview with a local Columbus television station on Thursday after he was asked about being labeled a racist and sexist.

“19 days out from the election, you’ve been labeled a racist, you’ve been called a sexist, how…” NBC4‘s Colleen Marshall asked the GOP nominee before his Ohio rally at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

“Thank you very much,” Trump, 70, responded, adding, “I am the least racist person you’ve ever met.”

Before he cut the interview short, the Republican presidential candidate had detailed his economic plans and discussed his remarks from Wednesday’s debate.

“We’re going to lower taxes substantially for Ohio and everybody else. Our taxes were the highest taxed action anywhere in the world, so we are gong to lower taxes, very very substantially,” Trump told Marshall. “Our manufacturing has been stripped out of our country. Our jobs have been taken out of our country. So my plan is lowering taxes. Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes. They don’t like her plan very much.”

Also at the Ohio rally, Trump walked out of a second interview. 10tv‘s Kevin Landers asked the real estate mogul about the recent sexual assault allegations, specifically about Karena Virginia, the new accuser who alleged that Trump touched her inappropriately at the U.S. Open in 1998. “I know nothing about that,” Trump said before walking away from Landers.

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