Hillary Clinton's Book, CNN, the Oscars and 61 Other Things Donald Trump Has Called 'Sad'

Trump is a frequent user of the word "sad" to describe everything from election opponents to actual tragedies

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President Donald Trump isn’t just known for his tweets, but also, his manner of tweeting. He’s got a distinct voice, and favorite words that he loves to sprinkle throughout his 140 characters. The word that’s most synonymous with Trump? The label that’s become his go-to insult?


Trump doesn’t hesitate to label something sad. In fact, he says it rather often, in both a serious way (when something actually brings him sorrow) or as an insult (when it’s a synonym for pathetic). By our count, he’s said it 64 times on Twitter alone. These are the people, publications, events and more that have earned the label:

1. Hillary Clinton‘s book, What Happened.

2. The View, particularly Whoopi Goldberg.

3. Conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

4. His former Republican primary opponent, Jeb Bush.

5. One of Bush’s campaign ads.

6. And the fact that Bush didn’t use his last name on his campaign materials.

7. Another Republican primary opponent, Ted Cruz.

8. Cruz and another primary candidate, John Kasich.

9. Yet another primary candidate, Marco Rubio.

10. U.S. Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake (who is a Republican).

11. Really, the entire Republican Party.

12. Including the ones who don’t protect him.

13. And this man, who lit his Republican registration form on fire.

14. Democrats — like Hillary Clinton — got the label too.

15. He also thinks Clinton “playing the women’s card” is sad.

16. As well as her alleged lying at a Democratic primary debate.

17. And that on a day of national tragedy, Hillary Clinton is answering softball questions about her emails.

18. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton is also sad, according to Trump.

19. Democratic primary candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, in particular, Sanders continuing his campaign.

20. But one day later, it saddens him to watch Sanders “abandon his revolution.”

21. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, whom Trump calls “Pocahontas.”

22. Former President Barack Obama.

23. And what Obama “has done with NASA.”

24. Also, when he rejected the Keystone Pipeline proposal.

25. And that he missed the funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia.

26. Kathleen Sebelius, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration.

27. And all the Democrats who allegedly tried to bail out insurance companies from Obamacare.

28. Then, there’s the media. We know he doesn’t like CNN (and many others).

29. CNN’s gotten a number of shout-outs, as has the “fake news media.”

30. The fake news media has quite a few “sad” mentions.

31. So does the “dishonest and distorted” media.

32. And USA Today.

33. And the National Review.

34. And MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

35. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

36. The 2012 end of Newsweek‘s print edition.

37. Bill Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard.

38. Rolling Stone.

39. Of course, Saturday Night Live is also included.

40. He also thinks it’s sad that 1,4000 Carrier employees lost their jobs.

41. And that his campaign benefits from other candidates leaving the race.

42. Protesters — and the lack of blaming of them by the media.

43. The DNC.

44. Syrian refugees.

45. The death of Arnold Palmer.

46. A bus crash in Tennessee.

47. The election recount.

48. His son, Donald Trump Jr., being accused of colluding with Russia.

49. Really, all of the Russia collusion accusations.

50. The removal of Confederate monuments.

51. That people were injured and one killed in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

52. How Putin “toyed” with Obama about Snowden.

53. Alleged liberal activists who planted angry crowds at town halls of Republican members of Congress.

54. The Academy Awards (and Obama).

55. His nemesis, Rosie O’Donnell.

56. That only 36 percent of people think America’s best days are yet to come.

57. And the number of American people on food stamps.

58. That Obama’s popularity was allegedly low while Putin’s was allegedly high.

59. The end of The Apprentice.

60. The 2013 IRS scandal.

61. Alleged election rigging.

62. China, Russia, Syria and OPEC laughing at America.

63. The closure of several Atlantic City casinos.

64. And finally, the people who accuse Trump of wearing a wig.

That tweet brought in quite a few Trump insults: Loser, lonely, hater. But first and foremost, as always, is sad.

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