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November 08, 2016 12:54 PM

A Nevada judge on Election Day Tuesday rejected a request from Donald Trump‘s campaign to segregate ballots from four early voting locations in the Las Vegas area, CNN reports.

The Trump campaign alleged in a lawsuit filed in a Nevada state court on Monday that Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria violated state law by keeping the polling place open two hours after their designated closing times. The polling places reportedly saw Hispanic voters turn out in record numbers. Trump requested that the ballots cast at that polling place be preserved and separated from other votes.

Judge Gloria Sturman, of the District Court for Clark County Nevada, ruled that Gloria was already obligated by state law to keep the records requested by the Trump campaign, CNN reported.

“I can’t obligate him to do something he is already obligated to do,” Sturman said, later adding, “This is Election Day. He has other things to be doing.”

Trump’s campaign also requested information about the people who were working at the polling locations in question, CNN reported. The judge angrily denied that request and warned Trump’s campaign about Twitter trolls.
“Do you watch Twitter?” she asked. “There are Internet trolls who could get this information and harass people who just want to help their fellow citizens vote.”

“Why would I order them to make available to you information about people who work at polls when it’s not already a public requirement to do so? So that those people can be harassed for doing their civic duty? I’m just puzzled how you think you will use this evidence anyway,” she added.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto first reported on the lawsuit in a tweet earlier on Tuesday that said: “#Trump files Nevada voting lawsuit vs. Clark County Registrar, they allege, for keeping polls open ‘2 hours beyond..closing time.’ ”

FiveThirtyEight‘s Clare Malone reported that voters are allowed to cast ballots after closing time as long as they were in line before voting hours officially ended.

Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin told NBC News on Sunday that “nothing happened that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“Voters who were in line by the scheduled closing time were allowed to vote,” he said.

Kulin also told the Associated Press on Saturday that it’s common for elections officials to keep sites open to accommodate voters in line.

“If there’s a line when closing time comes, we just keep processing voters until there’s no more line,” he said. “We’re flexible because we want people to vote.”

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Trump also brought up the late closures during a rally in Reno, Nevada, on Saturday, saying they were proof of a rigged voting system, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

Nevada’s Republican Party chairman, Michael McDonald, alleged at the rally that Clark County polling places were kept open late so that a “certain group” could vote, according to CNN. Critics have said McDonald was making a reference to Clark County’s large Hispanic population.

Last month in Las Vegas, taco and food truck owners formed a protest “wall” outside of the Trump International Hotel, where the GOP nominee was camping out before the third and final presidential debate against rival Hillary Clinton.

The rally, organized by the Culinary Workers Union, attracted about 100 people, CNN reported.

“[Trump has] tried to divide this country by talking about a wall — we will not be fear-mongered into being divided, and he will not be president,” Yvanna Cancela, the political director of the Culinary Workers Union local 226, told NBC News at the time.

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