March 15, 2017 10:48 AM

President Donald Trump has responded to Snoop Dogg‘s latest music video — which features a clown lookalike of the commander-in-chief — claiming similar footage featuring former President Barack Obama would result in an “outcry.”

In the expletive-laden video for “Lavender (Nightfall Remix),” the faux Trump is held at gunpoint by the rapper, who then fires the weapon and causes a flag to pop out reading “Bang.”

“Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama?” Trump wrote in a tweet Wednesday morning. “Jail time!”


In other parts of the video, the clown Trump – dubbed Ronald Klump – stands wrapped up in chains. During one scene that mirrors a White House press conference, the ticker reads “The Clown House” and “Ronald Klump Wants to Deport All Doggs.”


Snoop – who is currently starring with Martha Stewart in cooking-meets-talk show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Partyhas been blasted for leaving his roots in gangsta rap for more mainstream success, including his cameos in pop music such as Katy Perry‘s 2010 hit “California Gurls.”


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Sen. Marco Rubio also slammed the music video on Monday, warning it could potentially incite violence against the president.

“Snoop shouldn’t have done that – you know, we’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country so anything like that is really something you should be very careful about,” the Florida senator told TMZ.

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Numerous others took to social media to share their anger.

The president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, also criticized Snoop: “Instead of promoting #hate and #violence against #potus45, why not join” National Diversity Coalition For Trump, Trump’s advocacy group for minorities.

“You can be better!” Cohen added.

Piers Morgan was also among those who disapproved, scolding, “Shoot police & murder the President – what happened to the anti-gun message you preached to me, @SnoopDogg?”

Snoop recently spoke to Billboard about the video, saying, “It’s a lot of clown s— going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into [for the video] like police, the president and just life in general.”

He added of the Trump gun scene in particular, “When I be putting s— out, I don’t ever expect or look for a reaction. I just put it out because I feel like it’s something that’s missing.”

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