Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton's Celebrity Backers: 'We Don't Need Jay Z or Beyoncé'

In his final day of speeches before Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told supporters that unlike Hillary Clinton, he doesn't need celebrity backers

He used celebrities for years to drive up ratings for his NBC competition reality show The Apprentice. But in his final day of speeches before Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told supporters at his rally that he doesn’t need celebrity backers.

Criticizing his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for the star-studded lineup of supporters who have been campaigning for the 69-year-old former secretary of state in the campaign’s final days, Trump turned the focus back on the mission of his campaign.

“We don’t need Jay Z or Beyoncé.” he told fans at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “We don’t need Jon Bon Jovi. We don’t need Lady Gaga. All we need is great ideas to make America great again.”

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Later, he claimed that his celebrity status brought bigger crowds than the “Crazy in Love” singers.

“Beyoncé and Jay Z, I like them, I like them,” Trump said to his crowd of supporters in Raleigh, North Carolina. “And you know what they do? I get bigger crowds than they do. It’s true. I get far bigger crowds.”

He also criticized the language the Grammy winners used in their songs — mispronouncing Beyoncé’s name as “Be-on-see.”

He added, “If we don’t win, I will consider this the single greatest waste of time, energy…and money.”

Clinton spent Election Day eve with music icons like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi joining her at a rally at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, and Lady Gaga campaigning for her at a rally in Raleigh.

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Madonna, meanwhile, held an impromptu acoustic concert at New York City’s Washington Square Park in support of Clinton.

Beyoncé and Jay Z hosted a get-out-the-vote concert for Clinton in Ohio on Friday. The concert at Cleveland State University also included performances from Katy Perry, Big Sean, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, John Legend and The National.

Trump’s rallys towards the end of his campaign weren’t fully celebrity-free. Musician Ted Nugent hit the stage at a rally in Michigan Sunday, grabbing his crotch on stage to mock the notion that his state could swing left on Election Day. “I’ve got your blue state right here, baby! Black and blue!” he said.

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