"It was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her," Trump said. "I can imagine. Tougher for her than it would have been for me"

Credit: Chris Albert for CBSNews/60MINUTES

President-elect Donald Trump has spoken with CBS News’ Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes in a wide-ranging interview that touched on the phone call he received from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when she conceded.

“It was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her,” Trump said in the interview, that will air Sunday. “I can imagine. Tougher for her than it would have been for me.”

“I mean, for me, it would have been very, very difficult,” he continued. “She couldn’t have been nicer. She just said, ‘Congratulations, Donald, well done.'”

Trump revealed that former President Bill Clinton called him on Thursday night to offer his congratulations.

“He couldn’t have been more gracious,” the president-elect said. “He said it was an amazing run. One of the most amazing he’s ever seen.”

He also spoke about keeping certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act, such as continuing to insure people with pre-existing conditions. He’s also in favor of keeping in place a measure that allows parents to keep their children on their insurance policies until the age of 26, according to CNN.

Credit: Chris Albert for CBSNews/60MINUTES

“It happens to be one of the strongest assets,” Trump said about the matter. “It adds cost, but it’s very much something we’re gonna try and keep.”

No lapse between the repeal of the health-care law and its replacement will occur, Trump said. No “two day period” or “two year period where there’s nothing” will exist, he said. “It will be repealed and replaced. I mean, you’ll know. And it’ll be great health care for much less money,” he continued.

Trump told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that during his meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday morning, the president suggested ways to keep certain areas of the law intact.

“I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that,” Trump told the Journal.

He’s expressed desire to keep some measures of Obamacare intact before, particularly in a February Republican primary debate held in Texas.

“I would absolutely get rid of Obamacare. I want to keep pre-existing conditions,” he said. “It’s a modern age, and I think we have to have it,” he said.