The president has a history of misspellings and typos on Twitter, including his notorious post about "covfefe"

By Adam Carlson
May 06, 2019 12:20 PM
Trump China Trade Talks, Washington, USA - 31 Jan 2019
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President Donald Trump tweeted far and wide this weekend, including weighing in on the controversial end to Saturday’s Kentucky Derby and making the unconstitutional suggestion, on Sunday, that his term should be extended by two years.

One thing these topics had in common?

Trump initially misspelled his tweets about both, then deleted those posts and corrected the spellings.

In a Sunday morning post bemoaning the historic reversal of Saturday’s derby results — when Maximum Security was disqualified for a foul on the track, making second-place Country House the official winner — the president called it the “Kentuky Derby,” forgetting the “c” in the Southern state.

“Only in these days of political correctness could such an overturn occur,” Trump wrote of the disqualification after the race ended. “The best horse did NOT win the Kentucky Derby – not even close!”

Later Sunday, Trump again complained about how much of his first term had been clouded by Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference.

Mueller did not find that Trump conspired or coordinated with the Russians, but he did detail the president’s legally dubious efforts to end Mueller’s 22-month probe. Multiple top Democrats have since called for Trump’s impeachment.

In a Sunday tweet, however, Trump referred to the Mueller investigation as the “Collusion Delusion” which had “stollen” — Trump added an extra “l” to the word — two years of his presidency “that we will never be able to get back…..”

Trump also retweeted a post from another user that he should get two more years in his term because of the Russia investigation. (In an interview last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned she was worried Trump would contest the results of the next presidential election.)

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President Donald Trump
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While other pundits debated the political optics of the president’s opinions, some Twitter users were quick to use his latest typos as fuel for their own replies.

Stollen — which according to the Huffington Post trended on Twitter on Sunday after the president’s post — is actually a German fruit bread served during Christmas.

“Stollen is trending for the wrong reasons but here’s to bread and unnecessary calories,” New York Times opinion columnist Wajahat Ali tweeted. According to the Huffington Post, another user tweeted, riffing on a previous Trump typo: “I heard ‘stollen’ goes well with covfefe for breakfast.”

The president’s derby gripe inspired its own clapbacks. Some users pointed to Trump’s surprise 2016 presidential victory, where he won the Electoral College by a narrow margin despite a significant popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton.

One user replied to him: “Ironic that Donald is complaining about the 2nd place finisher being declared the winner….”

Another called Trump “the second-place horse in the 2016 election.”