With Impeachment Threatening His Dad, Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Dress as Literal 'Witch Hunt' for Halloween

President Donald Trump, who has forcefully denied wrongdoing, faces the potentially devastating prospect of public testimony about Ukraine

Donald Trump Jr. used Halloween to continue complaining about the impeachment investigation of his dad, President Donald Trump — who faces the potentially devastating prospect of public testimony about the White House and Ukraine.

President Trump has frequently dismissed possible impeachment as a “witch hunt,” even as Democratic lawmakers have said their evidence is mounting that the president pushed Ukraine to investigate his political rivals in order to receive American aid.

This allegation of a quid pro quo is at the center of the impeachment case.

For Halloween, Don Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, took President Trump’s “witch hunt” criticism literally: In Instagram photos of their couple’s costume posted Thursday, Don Jr., 41, wore a camouflage hunting outfit complete with what appears to be an actual bow and arrow set, while Guilfoyle, 50, wore a black and purple witch costume.

“With all the bulls⁠— the Democrats are throwing out there we just couldn’t resist,” Don Jr. wrote in the caption of one post.

He was apparently referring to the impeachment resolution that the House of Representatives passed on Thursday. The 232-196 vote makes the investigation into President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine more public, The Wall Street Journal reported. Republicans criticized the proceedings so far as unduly secretive.

While Trump has denied acting improperly, a White House reconstruction of his summer call with Ukraine’s president shows he lobbied for Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, his leading challenger for re-election.

At Thursday’s vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “What is at stake in all of this is nothing less than our democracy.”

Soon after, Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham issued a statement saying, in part, “The President has done nothing wrong, and the Democrats know it.”

Thursday’s House vote also showed the stark political divide on the impeachment inquiry: All but two Democrats voted “yes,” while the Republicans voted a unanimous “no.”

Trump has used his Twitter account to lead the response to the House impeachment investigation and on Thursday again compared it to a “witch hunt.”

He drew backlash earlier this month after he compared it to a “lynching.”

Several politicians quickly pointed out the inappropriate comparison of Trump’s White House scandal to the racist, extrajudicial killings of black people throughout American history.

According to the NAACP, lynching occurred more than 4,700 times in the U.S. from 1882 to 1968.

Donald J. Trump
Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post/Getty

“Lynching is a reprehensible stain on this nation’s history, as is this President,” tweeted Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. “We’ll never erase the pain and trauma of lynching, and to invoke that torture to whitewash your own corruption is disgraceful.”

Among the most vocal critics to Trump’s comment was Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Rush replied to Trump. “Do you know how many people who look like me have been lynched, since the inception of this country, by people who look like you. Delete this tweet.”

Now that the resolution has passed, the inquiry will move into its next phase.

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