Donald Trump Jr. Is Writing a Book, 'Triggered' , and Critics Have Already Turned It Into a Meme

Donald Trump Jr.'s book will be the third in the family since President Trump won the 2016 election

Donald Trump JR
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Donald Trump Jr. is following in his father footsteps by becoming an author with Triggered, set for release in November, one year before the 2020 presidential election.

The eldest child of President Donald Trump, Don Jr. is one of his father’s most visible defenders, often tweeting about the Trump administration’s work and snapping back at Trump critics.

Since 2015 Don Jr., 41, has transformed his image from reality TV figure to political firebrand, much like the president has.

Now a popular conservative presence in his own right, Don Jr. is warmly welcomed by his father’s constituents and is a popular speaker at Trump rallies. Leading up the midterm election, he attended 60 political events, according to The Atlantic.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr.’s girlfriend and a former Fox News host, previously joined the Trump re-election campaign as a senior adviser.

Tiffany Trump (right) with her family in 2016. Fred Watkins/ABC via Getty Images

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Don Jr.’s Triggered will mix a look at his early life and later career — “from his childhood summers in Communist Czechoslovakia that began his political thought process, to working on construction sites with his father,” according to a description from publisher Center Street — along with the conservative invective.

“This is the book that the leftist elites don’t want you to read!” Don Jr. boasted in a tweet earlier this week announcing the book.

The publisher promised that in addition to its memoir elements, Triggered will take aim at what it called the left’s disdain for the right. “No topic is spared from political correctness,” according to the publisher description.

Don Jr.’s Triggered will be the third book in the family since President Trump won the 2016 election. Ivanka Trump, a senior adviser to her father, published Women Who Work in 2017. Ivana Trump, the president’s first wife, published the memoir Raising Trump months later.

The president family built his national reputation in part on his first book, bestseller The Art of the Deal, in 1987.

Months before its release, the Triggered cover has become fodder for Twitter memes by Trump critics, with Parker Molloy, a staffer at the liberal Media Matters, sharing a blank template of the cover inviting others to fill in a new title and tagline for Don Jr.’s book.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah responded with his own title: “Do You Know Who My Father Is? You’re In Big Trouble Buddy. My Dad Runs This Town.”

Other users chose to change Don Jr.’s face with apps that made him appear older or with different hairstyles.

Triggered will be published on Nov. 5.

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