President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. shared a "Tiger King" meme portraying his dad, the president, as Joe Exotic
Donald Trump, Joe Exotic
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Netflix’s Tiger King has provided Americans practicing social distancing with something to obsess about and Donald Trump Jr. is participating, in his own bizarre way.

President Donald Trump’s oldest son shared a meme on Sunday showing his dad’s face superimposd on the series’ main subject Joe Exotic’s head in a mugshot photo.

Wrote Don Jr. of the picture: “Hahahahaha I love the internet. I heard about this guy.”

Exotic is a polarizing animal trainer who is currently imprisoned for hiring a hitman to kill a rival animal rights activist.

After Don Jr., 42, shared the morphed image of his dad, he later posted another meme on Monday featuring former Vice President Joe Biden as Exotic instead, this time cuddled up to a tiger.

“Joe Exotic getting a quick sniff!” Don Jr. posted along with laughing emojis, apparently referencing inappropriate behavior allegations the Democratic presidential candidate faced last year when he announced his 2020 campaign.

The post drew a number of laughing responses from Don Jr. allies, while some warned the president’s son about overlooking his 73-year-old father’s likely opponent in the November election.

“You do understand this guy actually has a chance at winning right?” one commenter asked. “I would stop with the Memes.”

Don Jr. has made headlines throughout the Trump presidency by largely mimicking his father’s loud, unapologetic social media personality.

The president’s eldest son often posts conservative memes bashing Democrats, while he’s also used Instagram and Twitter to tout his friendships with Republican celebrities like Kid Rock and mock those his father views as political opponents, like Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle appeared today, Thursday, November 7, 2019 on ABC's "The View
Donald Trump Jr.
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But Don Jr. has also been on the receiving end of social media jabs, including when a pair of comedians redesigned the front cover of his book Triggered last year to make the new title read: Daddy, Please Love Me (with the subtitle “How everything I do is to try to earn my father’s love.”)

“We did the stunt to reach Don Jr. It’s really sad to watch him try to earn his father’s love so publicly,” the comedy duo, Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, known as The Good Liars, told The Hill in a statement at the time. “It’s pretty obvious that President Trump doesn’t love him, and Junior’s attempts to get his father’s attention — dressing up as his father for halloween and marrying a Fox News personality that looks conspicuously like Melania — have been really hard to watch.”