Donald Trump doesn't like to look back on the past -- for fear of what he might remember

By Lindsay Kimble
October 26, 2016 04:25 PM

Donald Trump doesn’t like to look back on the past — for fear of what he might remember.

Recently released tapes from a series of 2014 interviews between Trump and Michael D’Antonio, who got cooperation from the GOP nominee for the biography The Truth About Trump, gives new insight into the mogul’s mindset and attitude.

Reviewed and summarized by The New York Times, the tapes include revelations about Trump’s lack of personal heroes, as well as his desire to remain in the public eye and his tendency toward fighting — both verbally and physically.

“I don’t like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see,” Trump, 70, admitted in one part of the five-hour-long recordings, which D’Antonio provided to the Times after initially handing them over to the Clinton campaign, which never used them. Trump later added, “I don’t like talking about the past. It’s all about the present and the future.”

Of his famously larger-than-life personality, Trump revealed his need to live a life in the limelight, sharing that he sometimes feels like a magnet propelling everything nearby toward him when he walks into a crowded room.

When D’Antonio asked specifically when that feeling first started, Trump responded, “Long time ago. It’s always been that way.”

The candidate also said that feeling does not unnerve him: “I think what would unnerve me is if it didn’t happen.”

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Also among the hours of admission is Trump’s assertion that, “I don’t have heroes” and that he once regarded the press as a “positive thing” — despite recent claims that the media is “rigging” the election against him.

He also admitted to a fondness for fighting, explaining of his youth in Queens, “I love to fight. I always loved to fight … Any kind of fight, I loved it, including physical.”

In a statement responding to the release of the tapes, Trump said, simply, “Pretty old and pretty boring stuff. Hope people enjoy it.”