Donald Trump Got Birthday Wrong While Melania & Ivanka's Votes Didn't Count in Mayoral Election

Though President Trump's ballot was fine, the date of birth on his application was an entire month off

Most of the Trump family’s 2017 New York mayoral election votes were not cast after they failed to follow absentee ballot instructions, according to multiple news outlets.

President Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump were not in the Big Apple in November during the voting period so the trio opted to mail in absentee ballots in October.

And on Tuesday, the family’s ballots were made public by New York Daily News.

The first lady, 47, did not sign the envelope that contained her completed absentee ballot before she sent it in, as is required by the New York City Board of Elections, according to board spokeswoman, Valerie Vasquez, as reported by NBC News.

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Instructions state: “After making your votes on the ballot, fold the ballot and put it in a smaller envelope. Sign and date the back of the envelope. Seal the envelope and put it in the larger envelope that is addressed to the Board of Elections. Mail or deliver your ballot to your borough Board of Elections office.”

Meanwhile, Ivanka, 36, did not mail her absentee ballot in until Election Day, Nov. 7, Vasquez said, and it did not arrive in time to be counted. Her husband Jared Kushner did not mail his ballot at all.

Though President Trump’s ballot was fine, the date of birth on his application was an entire month off, according to the New York Daily News. Trump was born on June 14, 1946, but his ballot application lists his birthday in July.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio was re-elected to second term in November, defeating Republican Alex Zablocki in a landslide victory, 78-percent to 18-percent.

This is not the first time the Trump family’s voting habits caused a stir.

Before he was elected as the 45th president, Trump was caught peeking over his wife’s voting box at P.S. 59 in N.Y.C., seemingly checking to confirm that she did, in fact, earn her support.

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