Donald Trump's comparison his wife Melania Trump with former first lady Jackie Kennedy didn't sit well with many social media users

By Maria Pasquini
June 14, 2019 03:50 PM
Credit: AP/Shutterstock; Bettmann/Getty

Melania Trump and Jackie Kennedy both exhibited a flair for fashion throughout their lives, but many don’t agree with President Donald Trump’s comparison of the two former first ladies.

While celebrating his 73rd birthday on Friday, Trump called in to Fox and Friends to give a wide-ranging interview that touched on many subjects including his recent “foreign dirt’ comments, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ White House departure, and his proposed redesign for Air Force One.

Trump has spoken repeatedly about his plans to plant the presidential plane red, white and blue, replacing the light blue and white design which has been in place since John F. Kennedy’s presidency, and was partly chosen by his wife Jackie. Earlier this week, he unveiled four new mockups for the redesign during an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“I like the concept of red, white and blue,” Trump said during the Fox and Friends interview. “It’ll look much better, actually. The baby blue doesn’t fit with us.”

“People get used to something but — and it was Jackie O. and that’s good, but we have our own Jackie O. today. It’s called Melania. We’ll call it Melania T,” he added. “People love her. She gets no credit from the media, but she gets credit from the people.”

However, the comparison didn’t sit well with many social media users.

One Twitter user used a pair of side-by-side photos to illustrate their displeasure, sharing an image of Jackie visiting a sick child in the hospital alongside a photo of Melania wearing a jacket with the words “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?” on them while visiting migrant children last year. (The first lady has since explained the jacket was meant to tell the media to focus less on what she wore, and more on what she stood for).

“Jackie O visiting suffering children vs. Melania visiting suffering children,” the Twitter user wrote.

Another user added: “She has been trying to emulate her in dressing. But that’s about where the similarities end. You can never become Jackie, Melania. Except on Halloween.”

Others also took offense to the way Trump referred to his wife in the interview by using the pronoun “it.”

“A) ‘It’ refers to an object, a thing — not a human being,” wrote one social media user. “B) Melania is not fit to wipe the dust from the bottom of Jaqueline’s shoes. She could never be & will never be a ‘new Jackie O’.”

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Trump’s plans to repaint Air Force One have been met with plenty of criticism, with some pointing out the similarities between the proposed redesign and Trump’s defunct airline Trump Shuttle, as well as congressional resistance.

Air Force One
Credit: David A Cantor/AP/Shutterstock

On Wednesday, the House Armed Services Committee voted that all changes to Air Force One’s paint scheme and interior design would need congressional approval. The vote passed 31-26.

The vote refers to the deal the Air Force struck with Boeing in July 2018, with plans to replace the old 747 plans with two new aircrafts by the end of 2024, according to USA Today.