Donald Trump ripped into Bette Midler for sharing a quote falsely attributed to him

By Rachel DeSantis
June 05, 2019 12:13 PM
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock; Samir Hussein/WireImage

Bette Midler and President Donald Trump are trading internet barbs once again, this time over a fabricated quote and an ill-fitting suit.

The he-said, she-said began Monday, when the “Wing Beneath My Wings” singer, 73, apologized for tweeting out a quote that was incorrectly attributed to Trump.

The quote — in which he allegedly said in 1998 that if he were to run for president, he’d run as a Republican because they’re the “dumbest group of voters” — has been floating around the internet for several years, but has been debunked.

“I apologize; this quote turns out to be a fake from way back in ’15-16. Don’t know how I missed it, but it sounds SO much like him that I believed it was true!” she wrote, including a link to an article explaining its inaccuracy.

The Grammy-winning singer continued by ripping into Trump and his penchant for stretching the truth.

“Yes, one must always check the quotes. That should take up, oh, maybe 23 of the 24 hours in the day? Because there are SO MANY LIES, most of them generated by Trump himself, that the task of separating the truth from the lies is impossible,” she wrote. “Which is just how he likes it. #CHAOS.”

The president did not take kindly to Midler’s slip-up, and wrote a tweet of his own slamming her as a “sick scammer” and “washed up psycho.”

“Washed up psycho @BetteMidler was forced to apologize for a statement she attributed to me that turned out to be totally fabricated by her in order to make ‘your great president’ look really bad,” he wrote on Twitter. “She got caught, just like the Fake News Media gets caught. A sick scammer!”

The insults caught the attention of some famous faces, including Tommy Lee, who responded, “Dude…you’re a f— joke please quit while you’re ahead I guess!?! Don’t go away mad just go away!!!!!” and Andy Cohen, who simply wrote, “Go to sleep you lunatic.”

Despite the criticism, Midler’s digs against Trump didn’t stop there, as she also ripped into him for claiming there were “thousands of people on the streets cheering” for him during his state visit to the U.K.

“Trump said he was greeted by thousands in the UK, but they were actually thousands of protesters. How does he always hear the opposite of the truth? Donald, if you’re reading this you SHOULD NOT slam your d— in a door!” she wrote.

Bette Midler/Twitter

The Oscar-winning actress also took time to mock Trump’s suit, writing it was a “proportion fail” and that his tailor should be fired.

She even made sure to tease the gift he received from Queen Elizabeth II: a book.

“Queen Elizabeth gave Trump #WinstonChurchill’s copy of a rare book,” she wrote. “Even more rare? The chance that Trump would actually read it, or ANY book.”

Midler is a frequent critic of the commander-in-chief, and in November 2018 drew flak for a joke she made at the expense of First Lady Melania Trump.

The star tweeted out a photo of the former model from a shoot she did for British GQ back in 2000, which featured her partially naked in an airplane cockpit with a see-through chain metal and plastic bikini covering her nipples.

Melania Trump, Bette Midler
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“The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane #FLOTITS,” Midler wrote, with the hashtag drawing much of the criticism.

“I love you and loathe that whole family but no. Just no,” one user responded. “Pick apart her dangerous actions, not her body/use thereof. Women deserve better than this.”

Midler’s beef with Trump stretches back long before he was president; in 2012, Trump fired off a series of tweets insulting Midler’s talent and looks, calling her “disgusting.”

“I never liked @BetteMidler’s persona or singing and haven’t heard her name in years. But whenever she sees me, she kisses my ass. She’s disgusting….,” he wrote. In another tweet, the now-president added, “While @BetteMidler is an extremely unattractive woman, I refuse to say that because I always insist on being politically correct.”

He also took issue with her 2014 performance during the “In Memoriam” segment at the Academy Awards.

“They should have allowed applause during the TRIBUTE to the departed – Really bad production. Bette Midler sucked! #Oscars,” he wrote on Twitter.