Not to be outdone by Merriam-Webster, just took to Twitter to do a little Trump-trolling of its own

Not to be outdone by Merriam-Webster, just took to Twitter to do a little Trump-trolling of its own.

Linking to a video of Donald Trump, well, bragging about how “non-braggadocious” he is during a speech Monday in Cincinnati, tweeted out the definition of the word and seemed to imply that it’s actually a very fitting way to describe the president’s persona.

“Braggadocious = Boastful; speaking with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself. #Trump,” said the tweet.

It’s no secret that Trump’s overbearing brand of self-promotion has served him well in life, helping him build an empire and win a presidency. Not that claiming the highest office in the land has slowed his swagger. even made a “Donald Trump Election Brag Tracker” to keep count of all the times he’s boasted about his “massive landslide victory” since taking office.

Adding to the irony of Trump’s non-braggadocious claim, the remark came right smack in the middle of a self-aggrandizing speech touting his role in passing the Republican tax bill.

President Trump Delivers His First State Of The Union Address
Credit: Win McNamee/Pool/Bloomberg/Getty

“When I signed the tax cut, six weeks ago, it set off a tidal wave of good news that continues to grow every single day,” Trump crowed. “Before the ink was dry, companies were announcing thousands and thousands of new jobs and enormous investments to their workers.”

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Quipped one user, ” ‘I’m not braggadocious,’ he boasted.”

“Irony is dead,” CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote.

This is also not the first time Trump has insisted that he’s “not braggadocious.”

The New Yorker‘s Emily Nussbaum reflected on Trump’s past claims in a timeless tweet from December, joking, “One weird thing that Trump does a lot is say ‘not to be braggadocious…’ and ‘this isn’t meant to sound braggadocious…’ and then finish with something insane, like ‘I am the Sun God.’ “