'Daily Show' Mischief-Makers Recast Viral BBC Video with President Trump's Team  

President Donald Trump stars as the interview-crashing toddler in this new parody gif


Remember that work-from-home dad who went viral after his two toddlers assumed walk-on roles during his live interview on BBC News?

Well, The Daily Show has turned the much-shared clip into a gif that recasts White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer as the dad, President Donald Trump and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson as the interview-crashing kids and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway as the mom.

“Parenting is hard,” The Daily Show captioned the gif in a Twitter post early Tuesday morning.

It didn’t take long for the parody to garner fans on Twitter, where it has more than 15,000 favorites.

But maybe the gif arrived not a moment too soon.

“Trump feeling threatened by popularity of BBC Dad. Wants to spread rumour that he was born in Kenya,” one Twitter user joked on Friday, at the height of the viral moment.

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