Cory Booker Hints at Wedding Bells with Rosario Dawson as She Joins Him for Talk Show Appearance

"Well the swearing-in isn't until the 21st of January 2021," Cory Booker said on Wednesday's RuPaul. "You never know what might happen between now and then."

If Democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker wins the 2020 election, he’ll be the first bachelor elected to the White House since Grover Cleveland in 1886 — though he says he may be a married man by that point.

The New Jersey Senator, 50, stopped by Wednesday’s episode of RuPaul’s new self-titled talk show where he hinted at wedding bells for him and girlfriend, Rosario Dawson.

“Well the swearing-in isn’t until the 21st of January 2021,” Booker said. “You never know what might happen between now and then.”

Dawson — who Booker called “somebody very special” — was in the audience at RuPaul, marking the first time the couple have appeared publicly together.

The actress, 40, told the Drag Race host that Booker asked her out at a friend’s party and the rest was history.

“We actually first met at [a party for] a friend of ours running for governor of Maryland, Ben Jealous is his name, former head of the NAACP. We met at that party and she didn’t give me the time of day. She did me serious shade!” Booker recalled. “And then we met at another friend’s party, both of us were single at the time. It was a roof party of a dear friend and I had the courage to walk up to her and ask for her phone number.”

RuPaul, Rosario Dawson and Corey Booker
RuPaul, Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker. Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

The pair, who have been together since October, have been hot and heavy ever since. Booker even revealed to the Emmy-winning TV host that he writes love poems to Dawson.

“When you have somebody in your life who inspires me as much as she does,” Booker gushed, as Dawson smiled and blushed in the front row. “She inspires me.”

Rumors of Booker and Dawson’s romance first sparked back in January when they attended a showing of Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen together, along with Dawson’s daughter, Lola, and Booker’s niece.

There, an onlooker told PEOPLE, the two were all smiles during a meet-and-greet with show star Taylor Trensch. Dawson later sang “I love you, te amo” — Spanish for “I love you” — to Booker in an “impromptu, made-up-on-the-spot” performance.

After months of speculation, Dawson herself confirmed the news to TMZ, who caught her walking through Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport in March.

When asked whether there was any truth to the reports that she was dating Booker, Dawson said, “Yeah,” with a grin. “Yes, very much so.”

“So far so wonderful,” she added, before piling on the praise for boyfriend. “He’s a wonderful human being. It’s good to spend some time together when we can. … I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much who is so brilliant, and kind, and caring, and loving.”

Rosario Dawson (left), Cory Booker. Frederick M. Brown/Getty; Getty

Dawson stayed mum on the idea on whether an engagement could be in the cards, but Booker seemed game in March when Ellen DeGeneres pressed him about the possibility of a White House wedding — declaring “January 2021” as the perfect date.

“Would you help preside over the wedding?” he asked DeGeneres, seeing if she would agree to officiate their nuptials.

Also during his episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Booker revealed how the actress has helped him grow since the two began dating.

“She’s a deeply soulful person and has taught me a lot of lessons about love already,” he said of Dawson. “Sometimes you show the greatest strength when you make yourself vulnerable. She really has this nurturing spirit that has made me more courageous, not just in the love that I project and want to see in our country, but I think even in our personal relationships — to love more fearlessly.”

“I’m really really blessed to be with somebody who makes me a better person,” Booker added. “She’s just an incredible human being.”

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